Computer skills and writing skills are essential for employment

Researchers have gone out to the businesses in the United States and interviewed management about the current state of affairs of the American workforce.  The information age makes a new set of demands on these workers.  The must know how to use technology and be able to communicate professionally in writing.  In a 2006 paper, a researcher from Princeton stated that the job market in the U.S.  has turned against those with high school diplomas and drop outs, that jobs are for those with education, and the more technical, the better English skills, the more jobs.

The advent of a computing society has ushered in a whole new level of software skills.  Many office use standard products, which has helped to standard computing practices so that skills are easily transferrable from one office job to another, but industries use many other proprietary software to keep track of accounts, inventory and other data driven aspects of the workplace. 

On the surface, it would appear that student would gain the necessary skills for work in the United States, but the reality is that students are not given the necessary skills for the type of work that is out there.  The liberal arts curriculums are insufficient for today’s job market.  Student may enjoy majors like history and English, and the academic rigors may help produce excellence is critical thinking, but without having computer skills, these job seeker can fail.

Obviously the demand in America is for higher technical, medical and engineering skills.  Foreign students are picking up jobs in the states, because jobs may be plentiful, but America’s students are not prepared.  Look at the source of this problem, and you will find that the roots are inherent in the overall education system.  32% of students are graduating from California high schools, prepared for colleges.  The projection for remediating the poor educations of students leaving high schools is estimated at 3.7 billion dollars.

Colleges don’t really care what major students take.  I advise students to think about the future, and not waste their time.  They need to be working toward an end and not the philosophical goal of being educated.  It seems that being educated should stop you from ever living on the streets, but choosing the right major and learning the right skills for the current job market is essential.

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