Prickles or Goo — are you groaning yet?

I thought about this many times after having seen that there are those who are flexible and do most of the work in life and those who are down right convinced the world revolves around them and should serve them, and that they accomplish everything in the world, despite the truth, that it is the Goos in life that are doing everything and the prickles taking credit.

Gumby and Pokey Show

So in one episode, it is said that the blockheads — the protagonists are flying around in a plane doing their thing: destruction, when prickles and goo take flight.  Prickles really does nothing, but Goo saves the day and stops those EVIL blockheads.  Prickels is all proud of his work, when in fact Goo did the saving.

Scripture says when evil men are in office, then the people groan.  When those that do right are in everyone rejoices — except the evil???

Just to see how many of you think that our government has gone into the toilet, let me see a show of Goo hands.  If you like how the Federals make their rules despite the populace’s approval, then you probably should be wearing yellow, like Prickles.  Just remember 20 percent of the people do 80% of the work, and that means 80% of the people do only 20% of the work.  Sounds like government to me.


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