Using 5%: Are we wasting our time?

As we all have heard, human beings use about 5% of their mental power – brain work is limited and we all know that.  Quite a scary thing when you think about it.  I recently thought about the level of thought that goes into my job, and wondered how much mental effort am I putting daily?  Am I actually burning any rubber on the employment road, or am I stagnating under the same routines everyday.

I look around me, especially at the commuter population and wonder about the about of energy, mental energy, being used on the commute in and out each day.  LA is a lovely train ride on the Metrolink.  If you have an opportunity in LA to avoid trains, you take it.  At least that shows intelligence.  But on those rides, what are we all doing?  Are we using the time wisely?

At the end of my life and on that great judgment day, I will undoubtedly be humbled by my waste of time in this world.  Heck you are worth more than my many minutes of doing nothing by entertaining myself.  The movies, the video games, the internet searches, facebook posts, and the emails, have so little meaning, don’t they.  Argggh.  Yes we all fall short of the glory of God.

One of the best decisions I have every made was to throw out the Television.  It is probably the greatest time killer in the vast majority of our lives.  Gilligan’s Island, Gunsmoke, Fringe, or whatever your show is; how does it improve your life, and how are your improving anyone’s life by watching it?  Now many people have a great facade built into their lives where they actually care if they miss a show.  It’s like their emotional connection with reality is gone, and TV becomes a 2nd but virtual life for them.

The same is especially true of videogamers.  Look at World of Warcraft.  It would nearly kill someone to have their 80th level character deleted.

We have lost touch we each other.  Our real emotional needs and our life satisfaction should come from dealing with real people and the real dramas of life.  Your sitcom should be your own family, and comedy should be your own doings.

If we discarded these false idols and focused on each other more, don’t you think we’d gain a deeper and more fulfilling existence?  And if we read a few more books and thought on a few more topics, that we might stimulate a little more than 5%?

Use it or lose it


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