Thinking about our thinking about Palin

Recently I was contemplating why people read a blog and why issues become issues, ideas and information becomes discussed and thought about.  Yet much of our though turned to words are inconsequential or worst produce negative consequences because our thoughts and out actions based on those thoughts are out of touch.

Well all of a sudden I had realized, that whatever idea I’m writing about or reflecting on has been made by a series of successive thoughts and germinate into a new thought to realization – that they are all connected to something we call reality, and that reality doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with reality, if you get my drift.

Take slashingtongue (http://slashingtongue.com/opinion/nalin-the-palin/) who recently wrote about Palin.  Is Palin real, for real or even part of my reality?  No, or at least I thought not.  Is the thought that a person could become a governor and a vice presidential candidate real – yes.  But this guy is writing like this Palin is a “for real” candidate for president.  He writes “I do not also see how she can be a potential candidate for 2012 presidential elections. Maybe the Mayans where right, 2012 is the end.”

So my thought is that this reality idea really is humorous too, for in my reality Palin really doesn’t exist as a “potential candidate”, but my words, even now, reflect that there is a possible reality in that – scary, right. The Mayan world ends in 2012 right – is that reality our reality, or just some unsubstantiated prophecy that may or may not be interrupted correctly by those reading their ancient pictorial script?

So back to thinking about thinking, and looking at what makes for reality within the context of our own thinking?

Later in the piece slashing tongue writes about guns and whether or not our second amendment rights are being abused – or whether  or not Palin is right about that, and in her accusation the Obama is going to take your second amendment rights away.  Drop that argument from the screen and your left with the concept of the second amendment.  Is it a reality any longer that the bearing of arms is a right that was prescribed to us for a purpose.  If we all had arms, how would that change anything politically?  Would we use them to overthrow the government?  Isn’t that the constitutional idea?  Well in the day it was written, that idea had validity, but it sure doesn’t any longer.

So our laws and our great constitution was written by men with certain realities which we don’t currently live under.

Take immigration laws?  If you stop enforcing a law, are you not in reality saying the reality of the law doesn’t exist?  The reality is that there are millions of undocumented illegal residents among us, who strongly protest the idea that immigration law be enforced.  Now that makes sense.  What doesn’t make sense is any of the rhetoric responses that will “fix” this problem such as deport them all, or offer them all citizenship.  The reality may be one thing, and the acceptance of that might take quite a few generations.

Paradigms of thinking can take years to be removed.  The idea that men are created equal, which we upheld rhetorically, of course, if not the reality.  We all are not equal in the eyes of economics, athletics, and in so many ways, but the legal rights we have – which is the idea that makes the society work is the idea that we have all the same rights – and the illegal immigrants understand those rights and want their citizenship, so they can be treated equal under law.

But my point in even starting into this place was to think about our thinking about, and what constitutes as reality in the first place.

What we think about matters, and what we refuse to see in reality, matters more.  For when you carry forward a lie or untruth as truth and press that ring down around the heads of everyone around you, you are living a crazy life, and one that will bring great evil on people.

These ideas are the types that have done major harm to people.  The promulgation of these bad ideas really is the evil we should all fight – and we should be willing to die for – that is the type of thinking that will make reality worth living and lies worth exposing and destroying.


Take the French Revolution:  What was the lie?  That the Monarchy and the Aristocracy had a right to rule for one.  But, also that the emperor and the republic, was any different.  Both governments killed off political dissent.  So the reality is that government must not be given the power to murder people fro voicing a dissenting opinion.  If you listen to fringe elements in American society, you know that if they could, they would kill off free speech and political dissent.

We need government, to make rules up and make us follow them so we have order right?  That’s the idea, regardless of who is in office, whether Obama, Washington, Napoleon, or Hitler,  rules have to be enforced to keep society in some form of order.  So let’s really not go there.  Whether you are an anarchist or not, you will want that car towed from in front of your driveway when you want to back out of your garage in the morning.  But you won’t die if that car isn’t towed.  The big worry of having government is the abuses government can apply on the population.  Such as coming to your home and shooting you in the head because you voted for Palin.


So back to reality and thinking of it.  Essentially the rights we have are the ones we should die for.  The right to bear arms actually is amusing, but we should die for it, shouldn’t we.  Really we should be bearing cruise missiles and Blackhawk helicopters, and other weapons that make us a match for the government’s troops, if we are keeping up with the ideas the founding fathers had so many years.  But how many years did it take for their ideas about men’s rights and liberties to bring about the democratic form of government we have today.


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