Science has lost its objectivity

The LA Time articles (LATimes.com/Health) on Electromagnetic Fields (Unease on electronmagnetic fields and Conclusions difficult from EMF research) left a bitter taste in my mouth and revealed how Science has lost its objectivity.  In a world where facts are obscured by blatant conspiracy, you can get a feeling of insecurity.  If you cannot trust science, then all hell breaks loose.

People have been disabled and killed by products and manufacturing waste.  One could write a history of this sad but true state of affairs.  Erin Brokowitz’s exposure of the deadly poisons seeping into the ground water in California may be the most renowned example that Hollywood has produced.  But there are now and have been in the past millions of people who were disabled and killed due to lies and deceit.  From the manufacturing of chrome, lead, mercury, asbestos, uranium and other compounds, the world has polluted environments where people live.

These articles are perplexing and really make you wonder how much of a snow job you are receiving in your daily news.  Either EFMS are unsafe or not.  Since should be able to prove that, but if it is unsafe, then how will the people know when billions and billions of dollars are generated making devices that produce these energy waves.

Now another area where scientists have lost the public’s trust is global warming.  Everyone is wondering what is up with that especially after the huge blizzards that hit the mid-Atlantic states.  The fact is that science is not at fault, but greed, which is the great sin of American society is like the fundamentalists have said “the great demon.”  The lies and hypocrisy of science is its members can be bought off for large sums of money.  Everyone knows that data can be construed to serve any purpose, regardless of its validity.

When car manufacturers discover a design flaw in their production of a million cars, and have to recall them, they lost billions of dollars.  It was said that when the Pinto was discovered to have the problem of exploding when hit from behind that the Ford executives said well it will cost X-millions to repair all the cars and have X-millions to pay all the wrongful death and disability lawsuits.  So to save money they did not recall the car.

If cell phones can actually cause brain tumors, then the reason scientists can’t agree on whether brain cancer or leukemia is because someone is paid to lie.  Unfortunately this world is ruled by lies.   What makes it all the more scary is learning that much of the news sources are supposedly owned by a few large corporations who themselves may benefit from not telling the truth.  Only until all of us suffer similar experiences, will we the people make an outcry.  Remember cigarettes contain carcinogens.  How long was it that since knew this fact?  And how long did it take before the manufacturers faced penalties?  How many people died?  Yet cigarettes are still legal though we all know they can kill you.

In my mind, the greatest truth to come out of all these disasters of humankind, is that lies are what maims, kills and destroys.  The motivation people have to take care of themselves is perverse and that self-focused, self-pleasuring side of us is what we need to guard against.  And it is the part of us that fights for others that makes us great.


1 Response to “Science has lost its objectivity”

  1. May 19, 2010 at 12:37 pm

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