Keeping the crazies at bay

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I lost my daughter to a drunk driver this year.  You too may have suffered a recent loss yourself.  The pain is numbing and cycles you through the grief process, but you know you feel disoriented and crushed emotionally.  So what was it like for the whole community to be feeling that way?

They say that after 9-11 that there was an increase in mental health related problems.  Now I have seen personally that persons who are unstable will pick up on and focus on negative news.  They keep their eye and ears attuned to the worst.  It’s part of their hyper-sensing.  The paranoid are always looking for a reason to find something to reinforce their crazy idea that they are watched, followed, scrutinized unfairly, etc.

In my life, I have experienced depression and seen the way to over come it is to work on something practical.  I’ve always focused on project implementation in my work, and have developed a intrinsic motivation to do work for the sake of completing it — the natural mental high is what I thrive on.  In the past I played tennis and took it seriously, playing tournaments to win.

But such a life is hardly realistic.  Winning at sports, or whatever we do to feel like we have destiny in our hands does little to prepare you for the inevitable death of someone you love.  However, I feel that it is the virtue of unexpected death that brings the value to life.  By not knowing when our ticket can be pulled, we have the risk of having our lives end suddenly, and therefore, we may only have a few moments more to enjoy of the great parts of life: the moments of achievement, of tenderness, and of joy.  When you hold to the fact that the moment in front of you is the only moment you can really live, then the idea that you would waste a moment, or yell at or hurt someone you love, or consume drugs or alcohol to escape reality is putrid and repugnant.

We all know these things, but we stare fate and God in the eye, without fear, and without wisdom.

To keep the crazies at bay, we all must focus ourselves on the good we can do, the encouraging words we can say, the comfort we can give others.  Doing the positives helps us keep our own crazies away, and helps others to heal from the crazies they are living through.  The fibers that bind us together are in this:  do something today to reduce crazies in the world.  Call someone who lives an isolated life.  Email an old friend.  Write and mail a letter.

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