Not Great Expectations but Accepting the moment: Key to Happiness

Key to Happiness

Many interesting proverbs have been written to describe happiness.  The fact is that most people seek this in their lives, but most of us grapple with life and being happy about what our lot is.

Persuasive and common to all are the sins of coveting people, and things.  We see others have something we do not have, and we then dislike what we currently have.  As we age, we often long for where we once were or how we once looked.  We become sentimental about a time or place, or someone we miss.  This too is a sin.

What’s funny is much of what people do in life is to help you develop this sinful mindset.  You are told by advertisers that the next greatest thing is that new car, a larger home, or in style fashion or fad.  So much of what men are employed at is in this game of creating appetite for things that never bring satisfaction.  Advertising always tries connecting a pleasurable idea or image with a product, so as to convince you that what you want is what they are showing.  We all know that this is false, but how many people give in to their inner desire to have happiness from something they purchase.

What can make you quite miserable is to have some great expectation dashed.  The idea is that the more you are consumed with an idea, the more you long for, work for, and focus on something the greater sense of loss you will feel if you do not receive what you desire. 

This especially is true in relationships.  The more you try to win the love of someone, the more seriously you will be crushed if you are rejected.  Many people sit around and talk about how much they want a relationship, and they can go into detail about how they will place a person on a pedestal if they receive their attention.  This whole concept is based on a delusion, but really reflects the heart of what causes us to be unhappy.

Accepting what we have in front of us, the very moment, down to the second, is the true source of happiness.  This is what makes for great people.  What makes for a crushed people is not accepting their moment in life, due to pride and arrogance.  That’s why the rich investors during the 1929 crash of the stock market committed suicide, for they could not accept life when the tables were turned.  If we dwell in houses made of shattered expectations we will never live fully.   And if we focus on the hole in our shoe, we may never take a step in the right direction.

Those who struggle in the net are the ones who will not have the energy to escape the net when it is pulled off of them. 

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2 Responses to “Not Great Expectations but Accepting the moment: Key to Happiness”

  1. 1 Ann Marie
    May 28, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    Is sentamentmentality a sin? Is sentament part of truth?

    Beyond accepting where you are and who you are in the moment is giving!

    Giving to the other. Giving Thanks! Giving Thanks to the other who you can see is the way we give thanks to the God we can not see.

    • May 29, 2010 at 1:45 pm

      It is a sin if it stops you from living. The type of sentimental thinking that holds you to what was once that “better” time of life. Or the type of thinking that says, “I’ll never love again.” The sin of stopping to live because you hurt from not having someone or something you use to have. Sin is not doing what is right. Sin is telling the world in front of you that you are not any good because you aren’t like it was. Sin requires recognition, repentance and release. We both know where this idea came from.

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