Is oil worth dying for America?

Hostage to Oil?

The fact is that Americans use 25% of the world’s supply of oil each year.  Shell Oil states that by 2050 there will not be oil.  I’m afraid to say that we are not secure for our military runs on oil, so the reliance on oil is our coming downfall.  As long as we rely on oil as the primary energy source for equipping our military, we have placed the strong noose around our necks.  We have known for years that our national security was based on a very dangerous energy source.

Is it any wonder we that Obama administration doesn’t pull us out of Iran.  Each day I see a group of folks who continue to stand at a downtown Los Angeles intersection demanding that we pull out of the middle east.  They were their under the Bush administration, and they are probably never going to get a break, for as long as the US relies on oil every president will be looking for a military hotspot to acquire oil from – or to be prepared to make darn sure we can buy oil cheaply.  The ability to sustain oil from nations with no interest in America makes us even more vulnerable as a nation.

In Oil Dependence is a Dangerous Habit you read that our country is spending over 1 billion dollars a day on foreign oil.  But more importantly, that oil is coming from countries that are unstable:

Oil Imports

“In 2008 the United States imported oil from 10 countries currently on the State Department’s Travel Warning List, which lists countries that have “long-term, protracted conditions that make a country dangerous or unstable.” These nations include Algeria, Chad, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. Our reliance on oil from these countries could have serious implications for our national security, economy, and environment.”

What is true is that our military has been sent into the fray to protect access to oil.  The current occupation in Iraq is all about access to oil.  Some Americans believe that they we actually have become a robber nation, stealing the oil from Iraq, though I’ve seen little documentation for that.  More crazy what it costs Americans to secure that position.  Business Week’s article  U.S. reliance on Oil an urgent threat states:

“A full accounting of the cost of fuel would include the U.S. Navy’s protection of sea lanes, the maintenance of military bases in countries such as Bahrain, and the stationing of massive numbers of troops abroad, according to the report and interviews with its authors. In Iraq, just 10% of fuel used for ground forces went to heavy vehicles such as tanks and amphibious vehicles delivering lethal force; the other 90% was consumed by Humvees and other vehicles delivering and protecting the fuel and forces. “This is the antithesis of efficiency,” the report says.

In another piece, Pentagon study says oil reliance strains military, you read that:

“Ensuring access to dwindling oil supplies also carries a big price tag. The United States, relying largely on military patrols, spends an average of $44 billion per year safeguarding oil supplies in the Persian Gulf. And the United States is often dependent on some of the same countries that pose the greatest threats to US interests.”

Clearly if the world ever wants to have reason to fight it out to the end, oil could be the source of the cause.  Without oil our military is unable to do anything.  The oil powers the tanks, humvees, helicopters, jets, jeeps, air transport and whatever else is driven, floated, or flown.

It seems that unless something is done, that our troops are going to be sent into the rogue nations to guarantee America’s future is protected.

No Gas No Go

The whole concept is irrational.  There is no way to sustain a military might buy fighting to keep the source of the energy for fueling the military machine.  The laws of economics are against it, and so is common sense.  You cannot rely on supplies from your enemies to keep you in power.

Furthermore in Oil Dependence is a Dangerous Habit we also read that:

“Our oil dependence will also be increasingly harder and more dangerous to satisfy. In 2008 the United States consumed 23 percent of the world’s petroleum, 57 percent of which was imported. Yet the United States holds less than 2 percent of the world’s oil reserves. Roughly 40 percent of our imports came from Canada, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia, but we can’t continue relying on these allies. The majority of Canada’s oil lies in tar sands, a very dirty fuel, and Mexico’s main oil fields are projected dry up within a decade. Without reducing our dependence on oil we’ll be forced to increasingly look to more antagonistic and volatile countries that pose direct threats to our national security.”

Further Reading:

Securing America’s Future: Enhancing Our National Security by Reducing Oil Dependence and Environmental Damage by Christopher Beddor, Winny Chen, Rudy deLeon, Shiyong Park, and Daniel J. Weiss


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