Oil Slick is Sick, sick and represents our sick world

Blood for Oil

I can’t  stop thinking about the problem of having oil dominating world politics and warfare and  creating misery globally.  The concept that fuel is going to take us down continues to pound me in the head. No, no I think, but maybe no one wants to listen.

The BP spill is yet another reminder that we have much to learn about energy use. Usually I’m not too caring about gloabal issues, but this crosses so many lines if sanity, that I’m dizzy.  Oil in the Arctic – A new report suggests U.S. research on cleaning Arctic oil spills is woefully inadequate is an article that tells you what to expect of the BP oil spill.  Maybe Florida is going into the ice age after their beaches turn black.

As you know there are criminal charges against BP – good.  But wait, as we stuck in the tar pit with that thinking.

The problem isn’t a company.  It is our use of oil.  That’s what leads to deep sea exploration after all.  We as humans are destroying the planet and ourselves to be empowered by the ever dwindling source of cheap fuel.

How can we are a planet continue to think that oil is our primary energy source.  Isn’t anyone realizing that oil is a snake wrapping its way around us, to choke us dead.  Having the earth’s oil spill into the sea with continue to happen.  This is unnatural.

Unsustainable energy sources that fuel the most powerful armies in the world have the likelihood of fighting over the last barrel of oil.  As long as we consume oil, we will send our troops overseas to kills for it.

What is more scary is how things look.  It appears that the nations like the US will spill much blood to have access to that oil.

“In an apt analogy, Larry Goldstein of the US-based Energy Policy Research Foundation told the New York Times last week: “Asking why oil companies are interested in Iraq is like asking why robbers rob banks—because that’s where the money is.” Iraq’s total oil reserves are estimated to be at least 115 billion barrels. Its reserves of natural gas are at least 3.36 billion cubic metres.

Millions of people around the world understood in 2003 that the claims of the Bush administration and its international allies about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and links to terrorism were threadbare lies promulgated to justify the plunder of the country’s oil wealth. The claim by the Obama White House that it is continuing the occupation to consolidate “Iraqi democracy” is also a lie.” (From Racism and National Consciousness)

Who is next on the oil heist list?  Niger, Venezuela, you pick it!


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