Should we care? The Universe!

Arthur Runs This Place

I know some people who are interested in the planets, the universe, and everything.  Of course we already know that the answer is 42, but I’m still wondering why we should care.  I learned recently that my cat, Arthur, actually runs the world.  He decides which things are up and which things go down.  (See photo)

Now I’m not here to dispute his powers, but maybe you wonder why things are as they are.

Really what is happening 12 gozillazillon light years away has little significance in my world and probably in yours, so what explains this desire to know whether the nebula is colliding with a black hole the size of 100 billion galaxies.  What does the study of the cosmos matter?

The only big bang I’m concerned with is the BMW that struck my daughter’s car and killed her.  I have buttons of her now, and she looks like an angel, a shooting star, who died too young.

Now the scientist asks all these questions about how the creation occurred and suggests that it happened randomly.  And they wonder why the rest of us don’t think they are brilliant.  They really don’t get it.  The beauty of the night’s sky came from chaos?  Really.  Well beauty doesn’t come from randomness.

Think about music.  Can you throw it together at random and make music.  I think 2 years olds make better music than that.

Can you take a bucket of paint and throw it at random to create a painting.  My experience with that is you end with the color brown.

That is the color of Arthur, ruler of the universe.

It amazes me that scientists don’t see the larger picture, and they are the ones measuring and cataloging this universe, but they don’t have faith in the one who made the whole thing.   Madness I tell you.

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