The fruit of having atheists around

When Things start getting absurd buy a sign

If God were all knowing and powerful, then God would not allow evil to occur.  If he were sovereign, then he could interact with creation and make things change.  That is the argument of many atheists.  Haven’t you heard that?

This type of argument is infantile, foolish, and, to the knowing, humorous.  But comedy is often based on the absurd, and these arguments really are absurd.  Sometimes irony is involved, and that takes a greater understanding of life than most people have.

If God took away our ability to choose then we wouldn’t have souls.  The right to choose is essentially a gift from God, right.  So the atheist is right on one side and wrong on the other, for his even having the argument means he acknowledges God for he obviously believes that God is powerful enough to control all things.  Now that’s funny.  Then it gets more hilarious when you take the idea and play it out for the result would be for man to be soulless.  If man couldn’t make and use a weapon to kill another, then there would be no murder.  Now that would appear to be good.  But if you couldn’t make decisions then that’s bad.  Some believe that God said to man “Thou Shall Not [blank].”  God didn’t intercede, because free will must be free for it to matter.

Even with man’s will controlled, evil things would happen to men.  You’d still have storms, rock slides, disease, accidents and natural disasters.  So God would have to either provide men protection (angels), or personally supervise the world of nature, breaking all the laws He set for the universe – then actions would not have corresponding consequences – a basis for all the good science.  All these ideas really look absurd when played out right?  Can you imagine how crazy our world would be science couldn’t make calculations based on observation, if God were tampering with the design of things?

It is said that the universe started off with God walking with man in the paradise, until the fall.  When man made the decision by his free will to seek the knowledge of good and evil, he chose evil.  To chose it, he gave up immortality and his garden living.

So even more absurd is what God actually did to straighten out man’s choice.  I’m not here to preach the gospel, but I’m here to talk about the absurdity of our thinking.

I actually like atheists for many reasons.  The prominent reason to like their thinking is that they think.  They question.  They suppose.  They don’t think they have it all together – those that do really are foolish.  How many people spout thoughtless dribble from the bible and live sinful lives?

Religious people can be mean spirited and can beat people with truth or worse kill others if they are heretics.  They spend more time acting righteous, but honestly you can tell the real from the false by how they do the things they do.  That’s why the fruit of the spirit is the necessary item for revealing one’s heart.  Acting right and holy means nothing without doing, and doing means nothing without the fruit.  But that applies to the atheists as well for they sometimes act like the righteous and talk of their good deeds, but where is the fruit?

So producing fruit is especially related to showing exactly what we believe.  If you don’t know the fruits they are as follows:

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Perseverance, Mercy, Empathy, Kindness, Gratitude

One of my favorite facts of life is how you can cover a city with asphalt and concrete, and somehow plants still find a way to grow in the cracks.  I think atheists are here to show how good actions can be done by men who deny the one who created them – really funny.

We need the atheists to bring out of the worst of the believers, to show which ones do have the fruits and which ones don’t.  It’s all good!  God rested on the 7th day for his garden was complete.

Absurd Videos:

Head Atheist Richard Dawkins 

Checkmate, Atheists


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