The Lost Art of Protests

Lame protesters

The world has become soft, and so have I.  My mid-section is not what it use to be. Lazing around has taken over where an hour of exercise use to be.  I sit at my desk and at home, much more than I use to.  My joints are worn.

So what has happened to the protest?  Has it gone online?   Is it sitting in a chair eating a bag of chips.

The protests for the California State college system are very lame.  Have you paid any attention to how the students protest today.  Just a shame, I think.

Of course, I’m not interest in sedition and car bombs, and takeovers, as I’m part of the establishment now.

Yet it is quit pathetic to see how protest today is  done.  Even more scary is the illegal aliens are protesting, as if they had the right to do so.  They should be arrest for causing a disturbance.  Until they are citizens they have no political rights.

And furthermore with 4 godzillion channels to choose from, the local news doesn’t even fall in the range of stations frequently enough to hold the citizenry hostage to watching “developing news.”  Even if the protestors burned down something, the audience would probably switch to another channel like Fringe, 1969 super blown.  Smackdown or monster trucks!  Protestors today are competing with some serious entertainment – the value of which is limited, but still a good protest is not able to get much attention.

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