Reforming the church never ends


The idea of living as a hermit or as a celibate priest has been in the Catholic church for hundreds of years.  The insanity of that idea has been hushed up for years and years as the children have been defiled by priests.  Who knows what things happen in the nunnery when a rogue priest gets in either.

The Roman part of the church has held on to that tenet as if it were the way to holiness; as if denying ones humanity was the highest road to virtue.

Some of you may not know it, but the reason for this road was one of institutional greed.  When a priest who was married had a family and wife, the inheritance of his family became a serious legal threat to the property and wealth of the church.  So as good institutional bureaucrats would, they lopped off this problem by forcing priests to stay celibate, and they even went to some extent to deny facts like Jesus having brothers – for we wouldn’t want Mary to have had sex now would we, as she is the mother of God?  Well I don’t believe that, but the point is that the church has promulgated this lie for eons.

My favorite part of reformation history was when Martin Luther decided to marry.  He was middle aged by the time he had decided monks and nuns should no longer be celibate.  And, he chose as history sates it, the most homely woman (nun) to be his bride, for no other man would take her.

What the reformation did, and maybe not entirely too well at times was to expose the falsehoods that the church had built into the edifice of church dogma.  The one everyone thinks most often on is the indulgences.

The wealth and power of the Catholic church is today continued by lies and ignorance.  The lies like the need for priests to be celibate, the divinity of Mary, and regard for the papacy (Peter’s honored post) have been mainstays in church that is a religious relic and not the carrier of God’s spirit.  The masses of Catholics are the most ignorant of all professing Christians on the planet (of course and argument could be made for the Anglican Church here).  This fact confirms to most Protestants that the priesthood has little concern for equipping the saints.  Like the lies of the Pentecostals and other health and wealth churches which revolved around make it happen by your words, and plant the seed of faith and you’ll get that new car – just send in your dollars now.  We should expose lies wherever they lie.

I applaud Cardinal Schönborn for asking the church to rethink celibacy for one.  However, maybe the reason the Catholics should give up celibacy is to avoid the cost of priest pedophiles.  As any institution, and this is a huge institution we are talking about, the self-protection instinct is alive and well.  My take is that if any religious institution is not taking care of the truth before the institution then you have a corrupted church.

Martin Luther's wife

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1 Response to “Reforming the church never ends”

  1. 1 AMK
    June 21, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    About Mary and about the Roman Catholic Mass

    Mary is not Divine -not God! Mary is human and holy and Jesus Mom!

    Mass is not bad. Mass equals Eucharist or Great Thanksgiving or Holy Communion. Just sit there and listen.
    Excellent clear prayers and Bible readings and clear actions and we get a daily teaching sermon quite real and down to earth and intelligent too. The most real part is doing what Jesus said. And so we do brake bread and He said this is my Body so if Jesus said it and did it and told us to do that -that is good for me! Imagine having god in you and going out to love all the people.

    Yes I think women could be priests and hold Jesus just as Mary first held Jesus and Mary Madelyn first to see Jesus alive after the resurrection.

    Some priests are married. If you go far enough around the world you can find it. Orthodox priests marry also Maronite connected with Rome do marry in Lebanon. So even Rome has married priests through the unite church.

    All cultures and churches have had problems with mixed up males called Pedophiles,etc. Science will unravel that brain issue too.

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