Why cure diabetes, doctors are making a killing

You Sir, Step right up. Have we got a drug for you!

Have you ever wondered why so many writers place a caveat at the end of their writings when it comes to dispensing advice about medical practices it the United State?  Could it be because they are  petrified of the power of the medical establishment and their attorneys?  If you are providing “medical advice” then you are liable – and who decides what is medical advice – well doctors, of course. 

As I get older, the more I read, and the more I read, the more I realize how corrupt life is.  This has been especially true with the path of our hero “Dr. Death!”  Well at least information is out there that refutes that lies of the medical establishment.

Today’s piece is on diabetes, but I’m not offering any information on how to handle the disease.  But rather I’m more interested in why the medical world has held this disease in such high regard.  The livelihood of a great portion of medical practices relates to the problems associated with diabetes, and so why in the world would a doctor want a person to be healed.  There are according to sources nearly 8 percent of Americans with the disease.  That brings the count to over 23 or 24 million.  Think of all the prescriptions and doctor’s visits involved.  Must bring the value of that to Dr. Death to in the millions or maybe billions of dollars.  The percentage of Americans affected rising astronomically when you add in other conditions that have at their heart diabetic underpinnings:  high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, kidney failure and many other associated diseases are

First of all less that 10 percent of diabetics have Type I diabetes, so we aren’t talking about type I here.  The 95% of diabetics are those who develop diabetes have Type II.  As many of you might know the problem when unresolved can bring further medical problems such as heart attacks, strokes, and kidney failure (and other lesser problematic conditions).  The fact is that the condition is metabolic.  That means it relates to the amount of how much sugar is processed.  Obesity, hypertension and elevated cholesterol are prime contributors – and as you see they relate to what you eat, and how fit a person is.  But often the symptoms are treated and not the real problem: diet.  I was struck recently when I learned from a friend with cancer that he he learned that he had to stop eating white foods to help kill of his cancer: potatoes, white sugar, and flour, to name a few.  Now what is the common element here: you got it sugar!  Furthermore, our children who are increasingly becoming diabetic, following the pattern of obesity nationally.  The Center on Disease Control (CDC) has stated that diabetes is now epidemic.  Is it any wonder, considering the types of foods we currently eat, and which have become staples in the American diet: sugar encrusted cereals, potato chips, cakes, candies and cookies, and o f course high fructose corn syrup drinks.

Well the problem here is that medicine does not profit from curing this disease.  It’s about the dollar signs.  In my opinion doctors are in bed with the devil, and loving it.  Have you ever noticed that these men and women of science rarely ever talk much about diet and exercise.  They treat symptoms, and get paid handsomely for it.  However, the folks to blame are those who do not control what they eat, I’m just frustrated with the purveyors of medical truth seem to keep a large drape over the eyes of the nation.

If you want to read a great web site on the realities of why the medical world has turned its back on the real solution and promoted an approach that only deals with symptomology, read www.healingmatters.com and especially the  historic look section, and I quote:

A year later, in 1950, a search was launched for another “wonder drug” to deal with the Type II diabetes problem. The ideal drug would be, like Insulin, effective in remitting obvious adverse symptoms of the disease, but not effective in curing the underlying disease. It would be needed continually for the remaining life of the patient. It would have to be patentable; that is, it could not be a natural medication because these are non-patentable. Like Insulin, it would be economical to manufacture and distribute. Mandatory government approvals would be required to stimulate the use by physicians as a prescription drug. Testing required for these approvals would have to be enormously expensive to prevent other, unapproved medications from becoming competitive. If the drug had unexpected side effects, they could always be explained away by the fact that the disease was worse than the side effects. If the patient died, well, we did our best but this is after all a dangerous disease.

Caveat and Disclaimer:  No medical advice is given here, only exhortation to a profession that has lost touch with their role.  If you want medical advice, I’d probably say, seek to know yourself and be responsible for your own health care.  Doctors are not your best ally.  It’s all a big fat lie.

Suggested Reading:    Dirty Medicine, Drugs are Big business in the United States , The Downward Spiral of Medical Corruption!, and the Sickness Business.


1 Response to “Why cure diabetes, doctors are making a killing”

  1. 1 AMK
    June 21, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    Most times we just have to loose a few pounds. But as I age it is very very hard to make the scale go down one pound. I tried everything over the last year. At last the scale moved a little and then it started up again.

    The other day I met a woman married to a man who is totally blind since 1959 and it was from diabetes. So, yes we have to be careful of diabetes.

    I have met people in the street desperate for med. or a piece of fruit due to diabetes. I ran to our car for some dried pineapple to give. Another time I gave a desperate person an orange. They were so grateful. You see in a desperate situation you are able to give a little sugar or fruit.

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