How do we live with deceived people?

Living with the Crazy

Do you have someone in your life who has adopted crazy beliefs?   I do.  I have more in my family then I care to think about, but it really goes to show how easily people are deceived.  Humans can be lead down the road to perdition quickly and easily, and by their own wills.

With that in mind, I want you to also realize that you may have a place at rescuing someone who is on the crazy side.  It might take a few years, and it might take a lifetime, but your devotion to a person with bad programming mentally can help bring them out of the crazy world in which they live.

Most recently, I sat in horror as a bright acquaintance of mine began becoming linked into the crazy environmentalists’ thought that chem trails are a form of government control of the people in Los Angeles.  So I’m in shock that this highly intelligent person wants to fall for that.  Stage 1:  Shock.

Then I know that for this relationship I probably won’t see much of this friend in the future, but what about those who have these people as good friends or as family members.  Once someone heads into the dark, it strains relationships to a point of breaking them.  Stage 2:  Breakdown.

So if you are holding on to sanity for someone who has jumped from the ship, you are then in stage 3:  Faithful.  My normal reaction has been to abandon these folks, but they are in need of someone to believe in them.  But before you tie yourself to the ship, how do you know that you aren’t tied to a crazy ship yourself.  The best way to live with people who are believing lies is to know the truth yourself – to keep seeking the truth, so we can live it out.  Love your neighbor as yourself  is such a truth to hold.

Now I’m realizing how often we have people we care about who fall in for something bizarre and crazy like Scientology, Mormonism, of the cult called Jehovah’s Witness.  What is rattling around in their heads to believe these crazy things.  Maybe they were headed in that direction from some authority in their life.  Remember Waco, Texas and all those kids who were killed.  I’m also thinking how awkward it would to be the one in the group who opposed the leadership, and the social ramifications of standing up against those in power.  Makes you feel sorry for those entrapped in these cults and scams.

Related Pieces Revealing What Crazy Beliefs People Have

Chem Trails Debunked.  If you look at the web you will see the extent of the powerful lobby the chem. Trail activists have.  Amazing to me.  (whole groups devoted to this belief)

Here is a call to action from a LA group member showing how crazy they are in their thinking:  “Wearing gas masks or something that draws attention, let’s set up at a busy intersection or a couple around the LA area and cross the street, walking slowly or even stopping for a moment (obviously when the walk sign is on) to show posters with lettering and/or info. When the walk sign turns off, hand out fliers or pamphlets (on recycled paper) with more info. Before and after, we can meet, organize and debrief. Considering LA already has terrible air, people in their gas guzzling cars might be interested to know, as will pedestrians and metro riders on the sidewalks.”

Strange Beliefs of the Jehovah Witnesses:  Look for the grayed area.

Strange Beliefs of the Mormons:  Especially number 1 Some from an x-member

Indoctrination of the Scientologists information package with eye-popping data.

One Universal Mind — if you dare go down the rabbit hole?


1 Response to “How do we live with deceived people?”

  1. 1 drachenlady
    June 20, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    Fascinating. A couple years ago I did some sightseeing and had a migraine. Some woman told me that it was because the americans were flying over Germany with jets and sprayed chemicals to test them. Of course I think she’s crazy but I didn’t think that there were so many people believing in this.
    I can honestly say I learned something today.
    And the links are quite interesting, it really has to be boring to be a Jehovah Witness with all this stuff they are not allowed to do. But some of it makes sense in terms of keeping them believing. Other “rules” are just come naturally when thinking about others. Someone who is forbidden to be patriotic can’t really go into politics. But they are not allowed to buy girl-scout cookies? How cruel.
    And founding ones beliefs on a movie, book or TV-show isn’t entirely new but One Universal Mind is about the first I heard of that are taking it so seriously. There is a “Church of Homer Simpson”, Jediism and others but most of them are declared as parodies of religion.

    And sometimes it is hard to deal with people who have been caught in crazy beliefs because they try to convince you that they are right. I sometimes find myself argueing with someone like this and realize that there is nothing I can do. Perhaps the person was just searching for an answer and it was the best they could find. Then there is very little you can do, except for either abandon them or stay but avoid this topic. Both ways are hard so just hope that they want to abandon their ‘crazy’ beliefs.

    Anyway, thanks again for adding me to your blogroll.
    I like what you are writing here and I’m adding you to mine.

    “We’re all crazy and the only difference between patients and their therapists is the therapists haven’t been caught yet.” – Max Walker

    Best wishes


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