California Perfect: Living the life of Pretense

Yes, we are perfect in California!

The world of California is mostly pretense.  (Just like this video) Every day you wake up in a paradise of man’s making.  If you know about the place or have visited, you may not appreciate the art of living in make believe.  But if you like stories and want to live in one, come to California.  And if you are more skeptical about all the charades here, don’t worry because there are good reasons for pot to be legalized.

So, I’ve lived here for a while, observing the degrees of “crackedupness.”  The first thing I noticed was the way pictures were hung.  Some don’t care, and so their framed photos and copies of famous painting hand 6 to 9 degrees off balance.  Then you should notice is that sidewalks are all cracked up.  That due to the earthquakes that rattle the cage here ever so frequently, but usually at low levels, levels only cracking walls, ceilings, and sidewalks.  These cracks a prevalent and so in the artificial world here, especially for those with money, crews go around cutting off the crags, and re-seaming the walkways.

Next is the artificial grass and landscaping.  The trees come out of Dr. Seuss drawings. This is best understood when you realize the place is semi desert, and that the Colorado river, and other bodies of fresh water are ported down to sunny southern California.  The grass feels fake, but looks beautiful.  That’s right, things here look one way and feel another.

As you know Hollywood is out here, so the world here is filled with actors and actresses.  You will see sets and equipment at major filming locations like Union Station in LA.  So if the high hope actresses don’t make it for the major studios, they can always get a job in porn.  That’s where they go here until the boob jobs wear off, the botox has paralyzed their faces, and the roots begin to show.  After that they head to the strip clubs and the red light district.  The film industry is really not much more than a steel cap on top of a large sewer system.

About those movies:  Just like most of the flesh you see if artificially constructed from silicone, most of the films out here are were taken from three sources: (1) books turned into screen plays, (2) screenplays written by screenplay writers, and (3) screenplays stolen from legitimate writers who have no money, no standing and no attorney.  I personally know two writers who were robbed by major studios.  The studios get away with it too as the crimes can only be presented in federal courts, where to retain an attorney costs $25,000 minimally.   Hollywood has long been connected to crime and the mob.

Sports here are seriously riddled with disconnect as well.  The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim,  The LA Dodgers, the Lakers, the Ducks and Kings, are all artificial.  Couldn’t LA name their own teams?  No.  And when they did you get Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  What the hell is that?

Another false idea is that you will enjoy the beach.  Yes there are beaches in Southern California but there are millions of people here.  Millions.  The beach is so crowded, you won’t believe it.  Unless you are extremely wealthy and have access to a private beach, you will find on a normal day thousands of beach goers.  Sardines do have to have their sun now, too.

The synthetic nature of this community is near the point of delusional.  Actually, my experience is that people become apparitions after living here.  The area is a huge multi-level rat maze.  The connecting magnificent freeways where traffic flows at the average rate of 25 miles per hour.  The homes are on lots that barely have room for the dog to take a leak out back and are separated on 3 sides by walls.  This includes the lower socio-economic areas.  Whole blocks look the same due to these walls.  About the only way to immediately know what level a neighborhood is, is to see where the graffiti has been not covered up.

Another facet of California living is the bogus workers.  Nearly a third of those living here are citizens of other countries.  Somehow their children become legal, but they are still living without papers saying they can be here, yet they receive care at county/state supported social services, including food stamps and medical care.  They pay no taxes to the federal government, or if they do it is under an assumed social security number.  And they vote, no?  Well you would think that, for how else is the state’s budget deficit created than by supporting illegitimate claims to state resources through these social services rendered.

Another component of the fabrication of Californian living is the artificial waterways and pools.  It is said that there are as many pools in southern California as there are in the whole of the Midwest.  Again the water in these pools is piped for miles.  Yet the rivers here are actually more unusual as the river beds are empty 99 percent of the time, and look like poorly made freeways.  That reminds me of the weather — we have cold and hot summers only.

Air quality here is pathetic.  If you leave your windows open, your house becomes dusted.  If you have ever flown out of LAX, you will notice that at a certain height that there is a distinct mark between the brown air which we breath and the blue of the actual sky.  Scary, actually.   At least the illegals can clean the houses, right?

Well the Californian’s lead the nation in all their phony ways, and expect the world to conform to our ideas.  Watch as the people of the state vote down things like gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana, and then how the state reverses the decisions against the voice of the people.  Sounds like the federal government to me where minority voices have greater rights than the majority, where reason is replaced by special interests, and where big money gets bailouts.

Doesn’t the whole world want to live like California?  Where all the women have double-ds, run around in bikinis and drive convertibles; where every hair is in place, the grass is plastic, and the illegal elves keep every speck of dust off the driveway.  You know Ken and Barbie live here.  This is the state where education is a right, and taxes are the highest, and where there are more attorneys and plastic surgeons per capita in the world.  This place has even has fireworks at 9:30.  The party never ends.  Life in the fast lane, you know. We are the happiest place on earth.  Is it any wonder why people want to have access to dope?


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