Throwing Off Restraint and Diving Into the Abyss of Madness

Beware what comes out of the abyss

Bob is a jerk.  Bob is a man.  Therefore all men are jerks.  (Actually the argument has choicer wordsFalse Feminist argument

Obama is a black man.  Black men support the black community.  He will provide black men support. False Black argument

Should have read:  Obama is a rich and educated man.  Rich men support the oligarchy.  Obama will bail out the financial industry.

Don’t you love false argumentation?  We all incorporate it into our minds.  Thought becomes belief; beliefs become convictions, and convictions turn into attitudes, and you need “dynamight” to remove someone’s attitudes.

Do you ever consider how your thoughts work, and how you think?  Well you should.  Ever heard that your heart is deceitful?    Well it is, and that allows us to cloak our actual thoughts from others.  What is scarier is that we can cloak our motives even from our selves.

In unified semantics there are these ideas about de dicto, de re, and de se.  Now I’m no expert on these things, but I recognize that we have an internal mental mechanism that allows for us to process our thoughts, experiences and emotions; and I’ve worked enough with folks who are off the edge and how part of their mentality stopped working.

Here’s the concept.  You look at things and you have this internal thought that pops into your head.  Sometimes the thought isn’t quite kosher; maybe it is nasty, sick, perverted or evil, at best.  You then look at it, and compare it to what you have learned about life and the rules our society has and how someone would react to that, if you stated it.  You don’t blurt out to someone, “I’d like to ____ that ____.”  You fill in the blanks.

What’s funny to me is that what is considered avant garde are things that are expressed just like that.  Take the movie A Clockwork Orange.  The rape scene in it still disturbs me.


Yet how many guys out there thought such a thing would be cool if they could get away with it.  If society heads into the place where throwing off restraint is cool, visionary and acceptable, how long before those such acts take place openly.  With the gathering groundswell of porno and other deviant lifestyle activities shown on the web and in motion pictures, you would think that such moral barriers were already crumbling.

But this piece isn’t about moral morass, but rather how we think and how we control the devils within, and how those how do not are considered either mental deficient or sick.  You see folks who unfortunately get shot in the head often lose the switch that manages their thought –to-speech control.  They blurt out exactly what they think — embarrassing the receiver and others around them.  These people are often kept away from society and in the past they were placed in homes.

Mental illness is also recognized by the inability, or desire to, control one’s tongue.

The false argument that seems to be playing across America is that if you think it, you should have opportunity to say it: That all things are go.  This is showing up in our media every day.  But these things aren’t valid, and hang on false logic and are not acceptable.  Nor are some behaviors acceptable.  Just because a million hits on youtube say it is popular, or ten million albums were sold describing the gang rape of some woman.  What I see is that we have some serious mental illness going on.

Think about the concept of teaching first graders that homosexuality is normal and acceptable.  It might be normal for a pedophile but not to the rest of society.  I heard recently that condoms were given out to grade school kids.  Is that normal?

If you teach falsehoods, you create a belief system of lies.  If you demonstrate and promote evil practices, you are developing convictions in others.  Once the attitudes of wickedness are in place, than nothing is sacred, and people will do and say whatever they want, and throw out laws that they do not agree too, that are the very basis of how a society functions.

When free speech protects those who are vile, wicked and hateful with their words, then how long afterward before those thoughts become actions.  What hell will break forth.

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3 Responses to “Throwing Off Restraint and Diving Into the Abyss of Madness”

  1. June 28, 2010 at 9:00 pm

    All I have to say to that is…


    I never thought about it that way.

    • 2 Tawny
      October 18, 2014 at 2:54 pm

      I’m reading this in 2014, meaning I’m just now finding out about about the condoms to…babies! Insane! And though I do disagree about the relatedness between homosexuals and child rapists, the rest of your logic makes a person think. And perhaps, when you are thinking, maybe you could see how well “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” fits so well into your theme of, what I see as “Society’s Collective Mental Illness.”

      • April 22, 2016 at 5:57 am

        Have person experience with predators working in places like churches and school and even in the juvenile justice system. So it obviously isn’t a thing all homosexuals have in common, it is a know fact that some do have tastes for children, and though they may have relationships with older folks, they think young ones are fair game. I repulses me.

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