Why do we blog?

blogosphere.pngFor me it is a clearing of the cobwebs, a clearing of the brush, and plowing of the field.  There are a lot of funny things out there.  Some are funny to me, but really are serious, and some are serious to me, and maybe you’ll think that is funny.  The problem is that no matter how many cobwebs I clear out, I’m busy spinning more.

Are we thought spiders weaving our endless silks and trapping ourselves in a contagion of words?

Do you really think I want people to be bad parents?  Why, they are already, and they don’t need my encouragement, but I give it regardless.  Heck, it’s all because my cat controls the world.  See cats have a lot more power in homes then you realize.  Mine actually is awaiting my arrival, unless he thinks someone else will feed him better, then this train might end up derailed, spinning off the tracks, and throwing my dead body out into a field.  Is that funny?  Just picture some famous actor playing the part:  I’d pick Will Farrell.  I can imagine his cat killing him.  And someone said, “More cowbell.” Amen.


So if you look at life, the two basic sides of ever situation is either comedy or pathos.  Now that catches us.  We are drawn into feeling, and feeling is what makes us feel.  Good, you are keeping up with this.  So, take that train wreck, it could have both the sad and untimely end to yours truly or it could have the last laugh: the multi-million dollar settlement that goes to the bereaved families.  See my son has been bugging me for some things I just can’t afford, and so he might just get the money from mom, as she is a softy.

You got to look for the silver lining in everything.  In our culture, you are really looking for the green lining, you see.  Heck some people say “hey look at this, so one got a finger in his soda can, and collected $250,000 dollars.  I wish that would happen to me.”  I don’t think anyone wants to drink that for any money, really.

I think money causes a great deal of our distress and our pathos, and as the root of evil is the love of money, it makes good sense.  Somehow my cat doesn’t get it.  If he would only move more resources into the house, I’d even get him a scratching post.  And, if I had more dollars to spend on the son, he’d leave the cat alone, most of the time.  Maybe I should write something and get paid for it, that’s the ticket!

Do you blog, and if you do, why?  Leave me a comment if you a perpetual blogger, and link your blog, so that I can crawl your web of thought.


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