Coming On Stage Next: The Death Generation

Are the kids today anticipating the end?  Is that why the wear so many dark clothes, decorated with skulls, and is that why they are fascinated with the vampire movies?  The Death generation may have something that the rest of us don’t: awareness of the end of civilization, the destruction of culture, and demise of America.

Some think that the United States is the great Satan.  Others believe that America is the Babylon.  The country appears to be in moral freefall.  Where is that parachute?  Church, God and Jesus have lost value.  Just ask the death generation: they will tell you that religion is not culturally relevant.

Most of the generation will be dropping out of church by the time they hit college.  Statistics show an overwhelming 70 percent of church kids go astray.  Why is that?  Because you can’t go to church and not be a hypocrite and still live the life of the wild kids.  Who wants to hear the good news preached when it is opposite to the good feel they are seeking?  The wild ones, the party crowd, were atop the social structure in my day as well.  I can remember talking to my buddy at 18 about what we were expecting when our generation got into power.

Well the generations before us, they too were on the way down.  My father’s generation threw off the idea of virginity and marriage sanctity, but those values were already on week legs after the prohibition years and the flappers. The generation before me believed in free love and drug experimentation.  Both of these two generations idolized greed and wealth accumulation.

I’m not so sure that has at all changed.  But building one step after another, that is how you end up with a generation of death.  The ones who do not value their lives, because they probably feel unimportant, neglected and without hope.  Yes, each generation is living poorer than the past.

If I were 18 and facing the same preposterous circumstances this generation is, I too would probably be saying screw America.  Look at the debt our wondrous nation of capitalists have accumulated. Who benefitted from that debt?  The rich.  These kids today  also have parents with debt over their heads, often without hope of paying off that debt for most of their lives.  The average debt per adult is 8,000.  The government debt comes to about $75,000 per person.

If no one has limits, then why shouldn’t the Death Generation have it all – life is plastic!  11 trillion and gaining for the federal government, cha ching!

Kids today are so caught up in self gratification they are obvious to most of what is happening.  They face a future where they cannot get quality jobs, where they have to live at home longer than any generation, but where they were use to having so much given to them, and expecting that what their parents or grandparents have is effectively theirs.  No.  Reality check folks.

So what will become of these folks?  They will strip off the values of their parents and create a non-family orientation where their friend’s values are primary.  And what are those values?

Sex, video games, porn, drugs, alcohol, parties, alternative sexual orientations to try, etc.  Nothing new here as those value permeated previous generations, but the Death Generation, has added hopelessness.


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