American Socialized Farming Where Green = green

Going green? I am!

The fraud coming through our government programs to support green initiatives is simply magical.  We are turning green is so many ways.  We first take a lot of tax payers money – that means your money and mine – and convert that into a way to pay off a large  & fat lobby:   The Sugar Industry.

Next we lie about the cost of that sugar, hiding it in legalese and voila, we produce the ever needed ethanol.  (which at least doesn’t get pumped by BP).  The government actually stops the import of cheaper sugar from foreign nations to allow for the price of sugar to be keep high, and the surplus to be turned into ethanol, all at tax payer expense.  You see the consumer = the tax payer.  The rich farmer is like any other corporate giant a large gift giver to the congressional supports of such legislation.  This is the epitome of corruption in government.  But that’s America for you.

You remember your economics, socialism is what screws up capitalism.  You control prices by reducing the amount of sugar sold and then add insult buy taking those to pay for the cost of turning the sugar into green energy, right.

Screwed again.  The green really does equal the green.  Have you turned green yet?

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