The Right Words

Vortex and apple imageThe world is a tough place to live for most of us.  We have good days and bad, but for the most part we are either lonely, frustrated, discouraged or walking with some unmeet need.  We as a species tend to be self-focused and selfish for the better part of our days.  Many of us focus on the negatives, as it is so easy to do.

I noticed myself recently looking at the blue chipped paint on the metal band on a basket of gorgeous flowers, and caught myself thinking, “What a shame.”  When that thought went through my head, I was repulsed and realized that I was being so absorbed in the negative that I forgot to smell those flowers.  The missing paint was but less than .01 percent of the whole painted surface.

The Revelation:  You and I need to step back and find the positives.  We need to plant some seeds of affirmation, and that can make a difference.  I recently read a story about a school teacher who had as a class activity to have her students write down one positive thing for each kid in their class of 34 students.  The students passed around a sheet with their names to their classmates, and then at the end of the class everyone was given their sheet back, but with 33 positive comments from classmates.  Years later when one of the classmates was killed prematurely, the classmates all gathered at the funeral, and they were all surprised that each one still had those note sheets with those positive comments hidden away in wallets, on the back of picture frames and in keepsake boxes.

Are you like me and only see the chipped paint?  What about the roses?  Have you seen any in the flower box?  People are like that.  We look at their bad spots first and ignore their best parts.  So someone has a sagging this, a mole there, their hair dye is needing adjustment, but are we overlooking their spirit, their spunk, or their piazza.


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