The Rules of Perversion

The four faces of judgment looks at perversity quite differently.  The first face looks straight at it with a look of anger or contempt.  The second face is frustrated and looks away.  The third looks into it and has a look of excitement or longing.  The last face stares off into space as if it has no thought at all.  Which face do you wear when looking at perversion.

In our world, the insidious values of the world continue to slip into the miry underworld of the pervert.  What use to be shocking and appalling become more of the norm every day.  The four faces are flipping upside down.  What use to be good is seen as bad, and what use to be seen as sick is seen as just right.

How did we get into this inverted world, this place of the acceptance of the abnormal, the wicked and the insane.

Rocky Horror Picture Show pictureDo you remember the Rocky Horror picture show? Can you remember how crazy transvestites were to American society back in the 1970s?  I had a high school friend who became a homosexual at the later part of school, and who became enamored with this show.  He said that is where all the gay folk would meet up to find sexual partners.  He told me years later that this is continuing.  I found evidence of that Rocky Horror still being connected to gay life in several places.  Is this type of perversity the norm in American society today?  Who knows, but the show is a norm for many gays.

I don’t watch much television these days, but is the show Glee promoting perversity these days?  According to a news flash on the web, the original cast of Rocky Horror may be on the show sometime in October. http://www.movieweb.com/news/NE7ZgvwO8GkXb8

When immorality becomes acceptable, does morality  become perverse?  When red becomes green, clean becomes dirty, and light becomes darkness, has the world become a place where good is called evil?

I think so.

Would you like to live in the created world of Rocky Horror, or would you love to live in the Clockwork Orange world where rape is part of your life? (Funny thing is that another person I know, who I worked with, loves this film, and is now a transvestite.)

Picture from Clockwork Orange

I guess people are drawn to perversion as these two films have been so popular.   Much of the internet has also become a cesspool of strippers, pimps, and porn.  Is that soon to be the norm too?  Craig’s list thinks so.  First amendment rights for all deviants.  Pretty soon men who love boys will be a daily show on television right?

I’ve gotten to where I hardly can tolerate the mass amount of perverse movies that are on the shelves at the local Blockbuster.  But many people are drawn to perversity.  Look at the media.  It is refreshing to see something that doesn’t have the perversity attached.  From Wikipedia the definition of pervert is as follows:

Perversion is a concept describing those types of human behavior that are a serious deviation from what is considered to be orthodox or normal. Although it can refer to varying forms of deviation, it is most often used to describe sexual behaviors that are seen by an individual as abnormal, repulsive or obsessive. Perversion differs from deviant behavior, since the latter refers to a recognized violation of social rules or norms. It is often considered derogatory and in psychological literature the term paraphilia is now used instead,[1] though this term is controversial.

The concept of perversion is subjective,[1] and its application varies depending on the individual. Originating in the 1660’s a pervert was originally defined as “one who has forsaken a doctrine or system regarded as true, apostate.” [2] The sense of a pervert as a sexual term was derived in 1896, and applied originally to variants of sexualities or sexual behavior rejected by the individual who used the term.

So as the world becomes more accepting of rocky horror picture show norms, then do I become a pervert?  I mean living a life of monogamy, do I too become a perv because I will not conform to what is increasingly being states is acceptable behavior?

Related article on Rocky Horror show:  http://www.studentpulse.com/articles/228/the-rocky-horror-picture-show-as-the-inverted-plautine-comedy


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