Education has sold out

Recently I read this piece online by Charlotte Allen: College for the Intellectually Disabled published September 23, 2010.  The article goes on to discussing a trend of colleges have allowed developmentally disabled students to enroll for the social experience, and not for the academic experience.  What’s new about that?  Nothing really.  The school where I work has a rate of 75% of the student enrolling needing remedial work on Math and/or English.  Heck 20 % of our students have significant problems even speaking English let alone writing in the language.  Many of our students are illegal aliens from Central America or Mexico, or are Asian refugees.  The dominant social philosophy in this part of the country is that education is the right of all the people.  But not all education is equal.

The fact is that college  degrees are up for sale everywhere, and students are sold a bill of goods about education providing them jobs in the future.  More absurd is that fact that I know of several students  (I’m an administrator working in an academic support post), who have revealed that they have paid for their papers to be written by ghost writers because they have the money to pay them and that they can’t write a real research paper on their own.  These are often students with mental or cognitive disabilities that impair their memory or ability to organize intellectual ideas on paper.  Others are just frankly under-prepared students or worse, foreigners.  Does that surprise you?

What we have here is a misunderstanding of what is actually happening in American education.  The truth is that universities want money like any other business, and people who will pay to attend are not effectively scrutinized by any sort of entrance exams or test scores, the only fact of matter is the money.  The student’s money first and foremost, and they care little about their entrance scores or their graduation rates, they just want numbers of student paying whatever why they can.

Charlotte says that administrators have decided that they (the disabled) deserve a chance to obtain a college degree.  But she also says that the administrators don’t actual care to give equal  access to education, they want equal access to their parent’s money or more truthfully .   “Well, not exactly a college education, since even the most egalitarian administrators concede that people with severe cognitive disabilities can’t handle even the most rudimentary of course offerings. Instead, what a host of new programs for the intellectually disabled offer is what the people who run them call ‘a college experience.’

According to Charlotte “250 campuses around the country offer such courses.”  Well, the green curtain separating Oz from the American population has fallen too many times for us not to notice.

American universities are not here to educate primarily, they are here to make money.  It seems to whole reason the cost of tuition, student services fees, and room and board have increased so rapidly is related to the governments involvement with the funding of education.  Student loans are available and this is going to create a monster of unheard of proportions — much like the real estate scandal which America has just gone through (and is still suffering from).

Think about it, the economy is shot and students are graduating in huge numbers.  The amount of students with debt is also skyrocketing.  The Universities to stay in line with the cost of education are looking at every opportunity to make more money; thus, the reason they will take the homeless, the stupid, the mentally retarded and anyone else willing to sign over their future on a bank (promissory) note.

As one of my referenced sites state: “The consequence of defaulting on student loans can be brutal, according to http://www.FinAid.org, a website informing students about education loans. The loans may be turned over to a collection agency, which can garnish students’ wages and hurt their credit records.”

The fact is that people who are stupid or unwise are taught by society to go to college, and to get an education, and that those who do will be able to get a job and make an adequate living.  But most college offer worthless degrees in Journalism, Theatre, English, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Chicano Studies, etc.  These degrees are only useful for those working toward a PhD in the field for the most part, meaning that people do not employee folks with those degrees.  I’ve heard the 60% of college graduates with such degrees end up taking posts in companies where their degrees have nothing to do with the work.   Even when they take advanced degrees, they have little connection to the job skills employers are looking for.  This becomes increasingly obvious when the economy slumps and fewer college grads are higher out of college.  What is also occurring in large numbers is that state governments  in budget crises have no open positions, and students, who were foolish, trained for a government-funded positions.  I’ve seen  graduates from two years ago come back stating they have no jobs with their master’s degrees in counseling.

The race to make money off college students will continue to be heated as the state governments are themselves in a form of bankruptcy and cannot afford to subsidize the cost of college education — especially true in California.  People in California expect the government to give them a government-paid-for education as if it were an entitlement.

Talking with faculty, I learn that they have simplified their course grading to insure their students can graduate.  They overlook the plagiarism, the poor grammar, the lack of endings on verbs.  Not all of them, but some of them; especially those programs with dying enrollment who themselves are to be discarded short-with.  It does my heart good to hear of faculty being demonized by students for handing down grades that relate to the actual objective standards of the courses– but those mainly are in the sciences, mathematics, engineering and computer science.  However, the liberal arts classes do trip up those more objective majors by identifying the lack of logic and language skills our students need.  But, should a college degree only provide a future of employment in the field of education — isn’t that preposterous, but that is truly the case.

The whole thing hangs on a cliff; collapse is imminent; disaster looms.  Education has sold out.  Students will leave college with debts they cannot pay for an education that is worthless, and they will end up taking jobs they could have gotten out of high school.  But the college administrations are shameless.  So maybe all the students are here for the college experience after all.  No wonder why the party every chance they can.

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Even Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/For-profit_school





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