Clockwork Orange Costumes to the Hand of God

Have you ever been asked a question that is just outside of your realm of knowledge, this situation where you’re being interviewed, and you just realize that they have no idea about whether or not you’re qualified for the position you’re interviewing for?

It happened to me recently, when I was interviewing for a job that relates to evaluating people for workplace accommodations.

However, when I don’t have information about a topic, it seems to stir something within me, something akin to curiosity, about how to topics so seemingly not related can affect each other.

Safer and since you took two movies.  In my blog, I have mentioned Clockwork Orange several times.  Now let’s say we were talking about an unrelated drama like M*A*S*H.  How do you draw lines between clockwork Orange and M*A*S*H.  Well if someone out there probably has already done something like that, do you see how that might grab your attention.

Take M*A*S*H: it’s about doctors serving in the Korean War and how they had to cope with their communal living in the trenches of death and destruction.  Death and destruction, wow.  Do you see what I mean?  Do you see there is a connection.  Clockwork Orange is a movie about sadistic violence and sadistic rehabilitation, not really death and destruction, unless you’re talking about the gang violence in the movie.  But still, it’s about inhumanity to people in either direction.  War certainly is the defining act of human behavior that dehumanizes people.  Killing people, when they are attacking you, seems humane only if you are protecting people you know intimately.

However killing people who are complete strangers to you, because you want something they have, like oil, is certainly the most inhumane treatment between people.  You just can’t go around telling all your friends and your neighbors, your coworkers and your bosses, because you have a  joint interest in promoting them, and caring for their needs, both has reciprocity involved.

I just thought of another interesting connection between the two.  As many of you have clicked on this website to find a clockwork orange picture, you may be designing your own costume for Halloween.

What about those who are making a M*A*S*H outfit.  I doubt that anyone really is making their costume based on that show.  It would be difficult to find those old army green outfits where the Army now uses those camouflage uniforms.  However, it’s still possible.

I think this would make actually a fun form of intellectual entertainment.  You can create a game with cards that provide seemingly unrelated topics, and then you would have to find similarities or possibly differences about the two topics.  Let’s think of some: windmills, Astroturf.  Jack-o’-lanterns and french fries.  Surf boards and artesian wells.  You come up with tens of thousands of unrelated terms.

Did you ever play the game where someone starts off the story and has so many seconds, and then the person next to them has to add something to it, until you’ve gone around the whole room and created some crazy story?

Some people say that our brains connect topics like this through a neural network, and that we really don’t understand the complexity of relationship and verbal categorization that is going on in our minds.  I think it’s really fun to see how we are not cognizant of these connections, until we try juxtaposing verbal information side-by-side.

Another thought comes to mind about all this, and that is how we are related to each other.  My family goes back in this country to just after the Mayflower landed.  Now I am about the 14th generation who has lived in the United States.  So that means about 14 other families have married into my direct family line.  And my grandmother’s family among these was known to be in the United States before the Revolutionary war.  So lets say another 10 generations or more.  You start multiplying out the possibility or probability of we are related to, and it is quite amazing.  A remember seeing that President Obama and George Bush were actually related being nine cousins removed. (I don’t know if that really is true, but the possibility is realistic)

As we map out the human genome, you can see that all over the world there are a few mutations to the genetic structure.  That throughout history there were several splits of groups such as in Africa, the Middle East, and in Asia, where a trait was changed and the human family evolved in some way.  So the differences between races such as lip thickness, nose width, color of skin, eye color, ability to digest milk, susceptibility to sickle cell anemia, and other such traits.  Now some people may not believe in evolution, and frankly there’s really no evidence that clearly demonstrates evolution between species, but within a species these principles obviously are of interest to study, because the data is there.  DNA really is just data, and mutations don’t appear to be just adaptations that happen randomly, but seem to come about when there is a need for that adaptation.  That’s where evolution is very weak, for information is supposedly improved upon randomly.

amoeba wearing redOn the other hand, when you look at the idea of creationism, you find the concept of time is really at issue.  Not really if there is a God, or designer, or more commonly known as the creator, but the concept that everything was done in seven days.  But what’s seven days to a creator of the universe, surely not seven of our Earth days.  So I see why sometimes people who are scientifically minded will not look at the issue of improving design information and DNA, and creating better or improved or even more difficult to comprehend comprehensive or complex information.

You know I write this blog because I want to think out loud, and to express those thoughts be as they may.  The problem you have with people is that they’re so close minded and have forgotten how to think: they have opinions, but they will not consider.  They have some theory, some religion some answer that they agree to, have faith in and support, and they’ve lost the ability to really think, to question to comprehend and to re-think topics.  The dogmatic are almost insane.  Creationism and Darwinism are not religions, but you would think they were.  But just like the original topic: Clockwork Orange and comparing that with M*A*S*H.  There is certainly just as much that is relevant and true between the biological principles that Darwin wrote about some years ago in creation.  I mean how better to evaluate the amazing work of God than biology.  The fact that DNA can create a blueprint for something as simple as a amoeba, which has an amazing engineering and complexity but is yet so small and so simple biological proves the idea of design.  Let alone the amazing world of animals and plants that are complex.

I find it fascinating that some of the religious people I know are the most mean-spirited, judgemental and angry people in the world.  I’m not at all amazed at their shortsighted, belligerent and inhumane treatment of others.  Then I look at similarly the stupidity which anti-faith people have growing up in a world that is so incredible and meaningfully designed, and say it happened by chance, but they may donate thousands to relieve human suffering.

Every day when I go to work, and I see tens of thousands of people a year.  And I see that they’re all different and amazing, and walking and talking, dancing and singing, and growing and learning.

I see the hand of God.  And the people who get together and put their minds and their spirits into projects to improve humanity, they too are reflections of this God.  They can spout all day long there isn’t any God, that everything is for man and my man, and even that God was created in man’s image, and I will still look at them, looking at the design of the human eye or the myriad ways in which they can position their hands, wrists and arms, and their ability to memorize and retain information, and to create, and it’s almost like a joke.


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