Bad attitudes at Christmas suck

The world is filled with people giving attitude to others.  Sometimes attitudes are funny, and other times, you know, those attitudes suck, and make everyone’s life hellish.  Remember to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, so drop the attitudes this season.

Especially frustrating are occurrences that bring about multiple people with bad attitudes.  Take sports.  A losing team’s fans , not that is bad attitude.  The players all want to win, but the mom, they want blood.  Thank God for the Police.  At times, people get hurt or even worse, killed. 

Another bad attitude issue comes up when you consider congested freeways, especially when you have an appointment that you aren’t going to make.  Just leave an hour earlier than normal.  Listen to some good music, and no drinking while driving, or you might be a widow maker. Eggnog is approved, without the rum.

Los Angeles where I work is a town of bad attitudes.  You have a high rent district (LA and Orange counties) milked by the absentee landlords (or slumlords).  The seething masses gnash their teeth at one another.  They riot and burn down their neighbors places and businesses, but the culprits, may not be anywhere near the rentals they are making money from — with rents raised nearly every year, dispite the fact that those poor folks don’t get a break and have poor paying jobs. 

Islamic Santa

The rich are richer, and the bitch gets bitchier.  The world is wicked and LA knows it.

But back to those attitudes.  People carry them around with them like small explosive charges ready to be unleashed on the unwitting and underserving world.  The frustrations at work and home, are carried like strapped on bombs on these people, who just wish to find a place where they can cause the most mayhem.  Reminds me of the Palestinian with some c-4 and some nails, waiting to get the right moment to blow up some strangers in a crowded marker.  That’s a little over the top, but serves to illustrate this point. 

santas suicide elves

Be aware that in these days coming up — near Christmas, that more people then normal are under strain, and may be harboring a lot of aggression toward their fellow man.  They are going to go off, so hit the deck with your boughs of holly. La, la, la, la, la ….

So instead of hitting back, kick back.   Happy Holidays!


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