Isolation and creating mental barriers from society

I’ve been living in the world of invisible barriers, barriers erected by the fears, foolishness and foibles of mankind.  Have you?

A blind eye on dangerous mental barriers we erect.


I remember being in high school in a mid-sized town in Arkansas.  They had the famous segregation school issue blow up in Little Rock, and this town wasn’t far removed. I played basketball with a couple of twins.  They were on the Junior varsity team when I meet them.  They both were about my size and were quiet challenging to keep up with, but the level of competition was fun, and I thrived on competition.

Well I saw the invisible racial barriers in several ways that I had never imagined when I was there, as I decided to visit my black basketball buddies, who lived on the southern part of town.  I rode my bike down there.  I carried my basketball, with hopes to get them to play some hoops.

The reaction I received told me that they thought it extremely social awkward for the white kid to be in the black section of town; though they were quite comfortable playing at the park across from the high school in the white section of town.

Regardless, I think sports have done a great deal to improve racial relationships.  They say that the reason New England was so opposed to slavery was due to the fact that the whaling industry had developed an egalitarian philosophy: the ships would black jack men in ports to keep their crews up, all over the world (aka: shanghaiing.  Everyone, black white or other got paid the same rate of pay, and everyone was a freeman after they arrived in port.   Pitting men against the ravages of the powerful ocean, binds them together in one purpose, staying alive.  Sports also brings about this type of human connection.  Everyone on the football field bleeds red, gets knee injuries, cracked bones and concussions.  Mano de mano brings equality.  Barriers are erected to change the playing field in favor of one group over another.

I think the real barriers are set up by those in power and those with wealth.  The barriers are like a banking system, keeping the money in the hands of a few, protected from the masses.  Keeping the money in those hands is a very dirty business indeed.  The rich separate themselves from the masses though legal squirmurations (my word).  Getting out of the consequences of your actions works really well when you have money and a host of service providers wanting to support you for dough.

Today we have a man of color as president, who is well connected, and can get out of anything he wants, except for the fact that the limelight isn’t always a nice creature to deal with.  He can be eaten for lunch, like Nixon.  I doubt his foibles are going to come to light for he seems to have a real presence of mind to know how to step into the light when he wants, and not to get caught up with bad press.  If we all had our lives closely watched by the cameras, we all might life a little cleaner and meaner.  Having a dark shade of obscurity allows for people to develop their darker natures.   The more sadistic types retreat to the gloom of isolation and avoid the light altogether.

Barriers are easy to point a light into, but the dark hearts of man seem to require us to be keepers of our brothers.  If you want to live a good life, then walk out into the light, let folks into their hermitages and into the closets of their thinking.

Besides two heads are better than one.  Having more folks thinking about a topic or idea brings a realism that stands before others, if not before God.  Unlike many folks who believe freedom is keeping everything you do behind a screen of shadow and the fabric of mirage, true freedom is getting help dealing with our darkness.  That’s why confession is good for the soul.  Yes, we all have sinned against others, if not ourselves, but hiding those errors only perpetuates the behaviors.


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