Screwed over by bad timing

A good joke is all about timing.  So essentially, my life is really funny.  I’ve spent so much time just being in the wrong place at the right time and the right place at the wrong time it hurts when I’m laughing. 

I graduated from high school and started college.  My dad decided to move.  It was like having all my college days trashed for making friends.  I ended up years later with no friends from college except for one.

Another badly timed event happened when I applied for a tennis instruction post at a club.  I had worked for like 7 years teaching tennis.  This was my big moment.  I had coached tennis at a small college, and had successfully taught at several resorts, but this was my big chance at an indoor club in Boston.  The seconds before that interview, I’m standing in the club lobby watching a big screen, when boom the space shuttle blew up.  The manager came out, and we just stood their mumbling about how insane the happening was.   No interview, no job.

Around that same time period I had received my master’s and was interviewing for tech writing posts.  It was right about the time big companies like Wang and Digital were succumbing to economic stagnation.

I’m sure many people are feeling the same way about today’s economy.  There has to be some comic relief.  It reminds me of the story about the optimist and the pessimist children.  They are both shown into a room – as part of an academic study (Piled high and deeper).  There they find a shovel and an enormous pile of manure.  The pessimist says “What’s with the shovel.”  The optimist says, “Great, a shovel,” and starts digging in the manure.  The researcher asks him “what are you doing?”  He says, well looking for the pony, of course.

Hope you find your pony, too.


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