Testosterone Driven Violence

Sex and violence are connected, as we all know.  Crime and sex are well established friends.  Clockwork Orange is about taking a good idea like reforming sexual predators and criminals amd turning it to the dark side, with the torture of he criminal.  This has been already written about in place like the Crime Times and other places.

Stanley Kubrick’s film focuses on the “penal” system, with such wit and wry humor metaphorically throwing in the murder of a woman by the main droog Alex using a giant sized penis — the true symbol of the penal system?

Sexual imagery in A Clockwork Orange

Men with larger loads of the “T” tend to be more angry and violent has been statistically shown in studies of criminals.  This doesn’t mean they are slung well, but rather they have higher levels of “T” in their blood than average.  Violent aggression is a force to be reckoned with.

The world in which we live loves and hates it.  The dynamics are carefully weighed out and the message society receives is a morphed blur or fantasy, horror and excitement.

Clockwork Orange’s message is just as strange.  Is Kubrick saying that criminals should not be punished for crime, that a violent pornographic world is secretly his idea of a great place, a realm of milk bars, rapes, and sadistic attacks of the weak?

The right winged answer of torture and behavioral modification seems to have worked, and appeases the futuristic  genteel stalwarts of English society.  Figuratively the balls are cut right off Alex.

Women are constantly assaulted in society; abused physically sexually, verbally, and beaten by men who have on average 4 times the testosterone.  T is what makes a man a man.  Estrogen is for the women.

At the Milk Bar — Getting Ready for a Nice Violent Day

But there is the line between sanity and insanity as far as letting people go ape on others.  Society doesn’t need nor want men to beat, abuse and kill off women.

Funny how women react to punishing criminals.  They seem more concerned with the victim than the perpetrator.  Men are more apt to over look the victim of a crime and focus on meeting out a violent form of retaliation on the criminal.  T equals violence.

Clockwork Orange in my opinion seems to portray societies rehabilitating criminals  as just as ugly as the crime.  Yet the movie is stock full of violence towards women and the weak, and this conclusion waters down the serious ramifications women face when assaulted by violent men.

Many activities men become socialized into believing are fun and exciting, are often ripe with macho  praise for violence and also laced with abusive tendencies towards women.  Sports in general promotes powerful violent activities like football, baseball, soccer, hockey, rugby, etc.  Alongside for the ride alcohol and and sexually inviting women.  The mindset is, violence, entertainment, partying and sexy women all go together.  The warrior who wins the maiden.  Women are especially objectified sexually in this world driven by the T dominated world.

Are you ready for a beating?

Films and television continue to become more and more graphically violent and full of sexual imagery.  Pornographic objectification of women has proliferated as the internet has grown in scope and size.  What was deemed controversial in Clockwork Orange back in 1971 (based on a novel from 1962), even pornographic though is choke full of sexual imagery, rape scenes, brutality and murder, is by today’s standards ordinary.  What makes the film extraordinary, besides being ahead of the times, is the fact that it addresses the concept of treating the criminal, Alex, using psychological theory.

Ultimately, the real question to raise is whether or not all the violence, crime, sexual perversity, objectification of women as sexual objects, teaching society that violence against women is acceptable.  Could the entertainment world be exposing young men to the dark side of themselves, that may have laid dormant if never stirred by such imagery?  May would say this is true and that “Women are in Peril” because of it.  Oh, what would Stanley think of that?


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  1. August 20, 2012 at 6:45 am

    Great post! Read more about Testosterone. This post is linked there.

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