Living with the undead

Stock up: Zombies are real!

I think many of us have been unaware that we already live in the world of the undead.  If we did recognize that fact, more shotguns and ammunition for such would be sold.  don’t you love zombie movies, after all, so what is wrong with admitting life is full of them?

The undead are those people around us who have stopped all thinking and live off  lower brain functions.  They act like they are living, but they really are not living at all, because they wake up everyday and do the same old routine.  Only the animalistic functioning still works for them: eating, sex, sleeping, using the potty, etc.

Could be your sister?

Are you living with one of these souless persons.  You may be and not know it.  Even worse, you may be one yourself.  Clear identification of the zombies around you include the following characteristics:  never get work done, groan alot if they do, and usually have to be prodded with a pickfork to do that; leave dinner on the front of their shirts, and don’t bother to change; repeat propaganda as political truth and vote a one party ticket; drive cars when they could walk across the street for something; body order is another sign, the undead are walking corpses, so they don’t need to wear deoderant; they live of the living, can’t hold jobs, eat everything out of the refrigerator, don’t have cash, spend yours, and complain when you’re out.

Many of these folks live right in your home.  They are you spouse who won’t work or a child who lives inside a video game and only comes out to rob the frig.  They are you co-workers who take a week to type in a 12 digit code into the computer so that your printer will work.

The viruses of humanity that medicine hasn’t cured infect nearly the whole of humanity: selfishness, laziness, unsanitary practices, gluttony, ignorance, rudeness and so many others.  What does it take to shock them back into reality?  That’s a good question.  There is always viral encephalitis for those willing to find a real cause for human brain damage, and junk food!

Is that why we all identify with the zombie movie genre?  September 14th is the showng date for Resident Evil Retribution.  There will be a lot of zombies packing theatres that night!  A whole generation of zombie killers are being raised, or are they zombies themselves (playing Black Ops, Borderlands 2 or Battlefield 3)?


2 Responses to “Living with the undead”

  1. August 15, 2012 at 4:57 pm

    Went to JC Penny this morning before it opened and saw a couple dozen people lazily make their way to the door and my mind went to a scene in the original “Dawn of the Dead” where they explain that the zombies are coming to the mall because it’s one of those common human things that the mind/body just seems to fall back on. Then I bought some shoes.

  2. 2 James
    June 19, 2013 at 2:46 pm

    Highly interesting, so why aren’t they dead, are there really zombies with guns afraid to shoot each other because it’ll get them arrested?

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