The Truth about Chickens

Cows protesting Beef eating

The Chick-Fil-a debate which recent hit the press clearly exposed a fundamental truth about the liberal establishment, showing a dangerous disregard for truth.

The fact is that the protest was not over chicken, it was not over gay rights, it was about freedom to bash Christians.  The fact that people in America will support the Christian belief that homosexuality is a sin.  This is a scripturally sound belief that has been held up for centuries. 

The media showed the protestors saying that those who give money to Christian organizations are bigots and bigots must be boycotted.  But who are the real bigots in this scenario?  Those who have the freedom to support a truth and who are working to be a bulwark against the rising tide of lies and hostility are not bigots, but they are within their rights in a free society.

The real fact is that the antichristian venom of the gay rights activists is turned against anything promoting that truth.  Did Chick-Fil-A do something immoral, dishonorable or were the promoters of gay marriage bashing an organization that supports Christian ideas.

Logically, gay marriage is not a God-given right, and only in the antichristian climate would this rhetoric be considered plausible.  2000 years since Christ walked the earth, and the world is still a place where he is crucified.  The scriptures tell Christians that they will also be treated by the world as criminals: abused, beaten, imprisoned, murdered.  It hasn’t been since the days of pagan Rome that there has been such a turn against those in the church of Jesus Christ.

In my humble opinion, this is a good sign.  Many churches are filled with non-believers, the judgmental type of religious persons known in Christ’s day as the Pharisees, and sinner who never experience the joy of having God’s Holy Spirit activated in their lives, because they are still gods themselves, beholden to no one.

Lesbian Chickens married in Massachusetts last friday.

Standing in line to buy a chicken sandwich is not much of a sign of faith, is it?  You can always tell the way Christians treat others whether they are true to the beliefs they uphold by what they do with their money.  Do they live in luxury while others are suffering?  Do they judge others, and walk around carrying secrets sins.  Only God can judge the homosexuals for their sins.  They are no worse sinners then the Christian who cheats on his taxes, drives drunk, cheats on his wife, reads pornography, abuses people, and shows up every Sunday in a three piece suit. It is a God-given-right to choose whether to sin or not.

But this article is about the truths or lies behind the protest, which  was clearly antichristian, and not about Christian bigotry. It was really about secular bigotry against those in society who support Christian churches and organizations.  It like them saying you have no right to oppose gay marriage, like that was a God-given right.  Is this a portent for the big doomsday?  I think not.





http://gaymarriage.procon.org/ (has both pro and con for/against  gay marriage


 And who is the AntiChrist:?

Against Gay Marriage, Contraception, Runs Organization that covers up abuse against boys, never eaten a Chick-Fil-A sandwich, and speaks many languages.


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