Civilization Requires Borders

Have you ever thought about the significance of borders?  This is a real question of unexpected value for those of us living in the world today.  Borders, and the crossing and crisscrossing, whereupon cultures pour in to change the mix of society.  The illegal immigration of millions should have brought some reason to think about this issue.  Why do we have borders, and what are their value to society or more importantly to civilization.

History is doomed to repeat itself, or so they say, so what is inherent in the downfall of American society is the porous nature of the borders she holds.  When  Rome fell, there were years of using cheap outside labor (slaves acquired though various wars),, so are Mexicans the slave labor of today’s world of Americans?  I certainly looks that way sitting here in California.

Other global ramifications of borders is that borders control the flow of goods and services.  The controllers of the gates control the flow of money back and forth.

For the common American is the plight of the common Roman may be quite similar.  Bread and circuses, food stamps and television: both contain the roots of a moral decline in the citizenry.  The devaluation of the dollar – and the coinage.  Clinton pennies are so cheap today, that once the hit the streets, almost no one picks them up – what can you buy with on any way.

Borders  were first established to keep the bad out of the good; like a way of fencing of the barbarians from the edges of civilization.  But the bad roams the streets here in the U.S.A, so what good would propping up a dead republic from the immigrations of people just looking for a better life.

The world, many muse, is headed toward one world government, and with it the elimination of borders, but don’t let the logic fool you, their will be controls, and controls between people is always a border issue.  Controlling the immigration of people is always part of the master plan of the rich to control the poor.  If the rich had ultimate power, they would demolish whole cities, and rebuild, and then they would need to police out the scum – the poor.  Ever heard of imminent domain?

The morals of capitalism is that rich equals a moral citizen, and poor equals a wretch who must be pushed outside of the few of the rich.  I’m honestly surprised the rich aren’t getting the cops in LA to escort the homeless out of their view.

However, rich have no master of moral life.  According to Christ it is the poor man who has the best chance to enter heaven.  The rich have their own heaven, one of their own making.  Funny the dichotomy between wanting to live a good life in the United States,  the land of milk and honey, and living the better life in the next world, but even then isn’t there a gate at the border?


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