Dehumanizing Children

Families shouldn’t allow abuse but they do.

Adults are jaded and sometime miserable people unless they feel they are part of some purpose and effort to improve the world or their fellow man.  Individuals with gross  self focus, hedonism, and shameful selfishness, are either grumpy, gross, dangerous or wicked, walking in a shadow of deceit and will disregard of others.

That’s why kids are so precious: why  grand kids are heart healthy to those drowning in the crass world of adulthood.

That’s why we need to protect kids from adults, to stop them from harming the kids, sullying their innocence.  Vilest are the sexual predators, but their wickedness is no more horrific than those neglecting and psychologically abusing kids.  Adults telling kids they won’t succeed, that kids are dumb and worthless, they too take the beauty from many lovely souls.  Alcoholism is a well-known problem for kids.  Second hand smoke is one that you wouldn’t think of quickly.

The aftereffects of long-term societal abuse of children occurs when kids are brainwashed to believe lies for truth.  I won’t go into details, but any teaching that undermines the value of each human life that is taught systematically is worse than individual sins.   When kids a blowing themselves up, getting involved in drug culture, learning that one group of people are inferior than others, you have systematic societal teaching dehumanizing kids.

Kids taught to devalue human life, kill.


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