Why we love Dragons and Aliens

Dragons represent the worst nightmare for humans.  They are ruthless, intelligent, and THE Old Devilwreck havoc on everyone and everything around them, without care or consequence.  Aliens are also shown to be likewise ruthless, wicked, depraved and seemingly impossible to kill like Dragons.  Biblical references to Satan call him the old Dragon.

I’ve wondered why we are so amazed at the steadfast killer, the psychopath, the Nazi war criminal, etc.  Why is it that people want to study the worst of humanity?  Why is it the villains get more play then the side of good?  Actually it seems that good comes from individuals working in a group to put out the bad, as if it were a deadly fire.

ImageThe attraction to horror films, death medal, the wearing of skulls and dead men’s bones, all seems centered on acclaiming the acts of evil, death and destruction.

Is it any wonder really?  The world has two spiritual centers, dark and light, wrong and right, evil and good.  The road to destruction is paved with good intentions and bad decisions.

The Knowing: A movie about tthe end of the worldBut,  back to the Dragons.  The community of faith says there will be a day when god will destroy the earth with fire and brimstone.  That the good will be take out and that the antichrist will rise.  What is that antichrist was actually an alien?  What if the dragon legends of old foretold the stories of demons come to earth.  Interesting isn’t it.

What if the demons can appear in our world as dragons or as aliens – that is after God’s holy spirit is removed, when evil can dominate the earth..  What if demons, fallen angels, can move without the resistance of gravity slowing them down.

I says that even the elect of God could be fooled by the deceptions coming in the last days.  [And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie… II Thessalonians 2:11]   Frankly, the world has so much deception, a little more couldn’t hurt, could it?


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