Why DADD doesn’t exist

The Children may rest in peace by the parents don't
The Children may rest in peace by the parents don’t

Everyone has heard of the organization mothers against drunk drivers, but no one is heard of Dadd, or for that matter BADD. That’s because men don’t fool around. Dads against drunk driving or Brother against drunk driving could possible due the opposite of Madd.  Instead of fighting against drunk drivers, they mgiht plan personal revenge attacks against the drunk driver who took their friends or family members.

Today in the Orange County Register, which is the reason I’m writing this post, I read about two cousins, and one of the girl’s mothers being killed by a drunk driver as they were crossing the street near midnight. It was such a horrible scene. Their bodies had been thrown through the car’s front window; they were basically obliterated by the careless driving of one man who was intoxicated.

Those of us who put our hearts and souls into our children know how precious they are, and it is very difficult for us to tolerate irresponsible adults killing them. But men unlike mothers, who may have better sense, self-control or anger management, just want to go out and take justice into our own hands until. Now life is precious, but women need to understand that’s the psyche of men.  They want to protect, and they want to dish out justice.

Now as it happened in 2010 when my daughter was killed, I was miles away from the scene. We received word from the police that we needed to go to the hospital.  We arrived at Western Medical as soon as we could. [This included my two teenaged sons.]  But if I had been there, and if I had a weapon, I don’t know maybe I would’ve gotten it and unloaded it into Robert Serrano. So I suppose it was fortunate that I was miles away, and that I don’t own a gun, and that Robert ran from the scene.

What dads would do if their kids were killed in front of them
                            What dads would do if their kids were killed in front of them

Some of you may have read or heard about this guy in Texas who supposedly shot and killed a drunk driver who had just killed his kids. Don’t be surprised when things like this happen, especially in Texas, but what woudl you have done — if the accident occurred in front of your home?

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying men should go and kill folks.  I’m just saying that men react violently to having their families attacked, maimed or killed.  We don’t organize because if we did we might plan some vigilante crimes instead of trying to influence the alcoholics who roam our street at night.


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