White on black

clockwork-orange-gangdarth_vaderGood and evil are represented continually in movies, and the use of color to demonstrate the right from wrong has always been white good black long. Black is usually collected around gray and red. White often with earth tones. In Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick’s infamous movie the colors are shifted. Is he saying that the gang of thugs are in the right, and the wicked purveyors of societal order are in the wrong.

The uniforms of the four droogs look like this:.  They do have black hats.  I think white might have been to “Singing in the Rain” – isk. Most of use in the real world wouldn’t run around in white jump suits with crotch protection.

imperial-guard-star_warsCompare that with star wars.  George Lucas used the traditional colors.  The empire runs around in gray, black and red uniforms.  Only the clone trooper wear all white — but they are controlled by the man in black, Darth Vader. The characters is the film associated with the rebellion were also very connected to mother nature.  They are the tones and shapes of vegetation like  Yoda.  Many of the creatures like wookies, gungans, ewoks and jawas.  The unif0rms of the rebel alliance are camouflaged according to the location of their base.  In the movie that means usually tan or green with the exception of when they are hiding on the ice planet Hoth.  The presence of white as the good guy in hollywood films.  Especially righteous are the white hats.


snidely_whiplashGrowing up these colors were in the Cowboy movies and in the cartoons as well.  John Wayne wore a white hat in Fort Apache.  And Snidely Whiplash hat the lovely black cap. White of course is a crazy color in reality.  It is impractical.  It turns brown of black with a mere smudge of experience.  Black hides all the dirt.  So colors do have in a sense realistic long lasting characteristics when worn.  Evil hides behind smokes and screens, grays and browns.  Good is pure and had nothing to hide.

We expect the colors of blue, green, brown and yellows are healthy, neutral.  In the movie Avatar, the people of the land are all in a world of color, which the expansion of man is desecrating.  The machinery and the weapons of men cut down the peaceful and nature-bound inhabitants.

The avatar people are blue, and probably represent American Indians or the indigenous peoples of earth.  Even the natural resource the men are trying to pry out of the hands of the tribe is colorful.  Their whole world is full of color, while the imposing unnatural arrival of men from our world has destroyed all the remains beautiful, sacred and holy.  Again the movies are showing us what is really happening in our real existence.  Here we have the greedy rich corporations and investors, bankers and other insatiable capitalists stripping the planet of its natural resources and subjugating the peoples of the earth to wage slavery.

avatar flight


avatar attack


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