Inflation and why you should fear

Value of dollarThe money supply in the past few years has tripled.  What is the result of that tripling?  First the government has basically said a dollar is now worth 33 cents, or one third of what it was worth a couple of years ago.  You should be scared.

What does that mean?  You use to page $1.50 for a gallon of gasoline, and now what are you paying?  Here in CA at a shell station close to where I ride the train, the cost was already $4.37.  What’s means the $1 in 2007 is now worth 34% cents today.  The price is showing you the true inflation rate.

I also see that reflected accurately in my pay buying less.  don’t you.  So what happen to truth in reporting.  The government doesn’t want you to think about it.  They are using it (inflation) to effectively decrease their debt, by making the money’s value decrease.  So if they own 17 trillion dollars, and they keep pumping money into the money supply, then they really only owe one third of the value of that debt.

Real Inflation RateThink about how that works for your debt.  Let’s say that you owe $10,000 and now you want to pay it off.  Well the drop in value of the dollar is great for you, because in real terms you are only having to pay 33 cents on the dollar, or $3333 for the $10,00o.  This works for all debts.

Weird how your debt is better than your earnings.  But that’s the scary part.  Debt is a promise, and you are not really paying what you promised.  It makes you a big liar, like the government.  No integrity, like the white house.

The rich corporations and banks don’t want to inflate things, but the government is over its head in debt.  Because what happens next is that everyone raises their price so they can have more value to cover the rising costs.  But, at the same time, the pay for jobs will go down, because the profit margins for the rich, the stockholders and the CEOs won’t go down.  They need  higher prices and lower pay to keep their greedy little accounts growing with worthless money.

Gas PricesIn real terms, the government is owned by corporate america and the banks.  They are beholden to floating the economy.  Because of that, they lie constantly about what things are worth.    Lance Roberts has written a solid piece in how those figures have been compromised.

The fabric of American society is totally immersed in the deception.  This series of lies and alteration of consistency in reporting inflation; the fact that the media doesn’t report these adjustments shows that corporations have something at stake in not reporting it; the fact that what the American government did in bailing out the automakers, AIG, and the banks was totally illegal.  This huge system of capitalistic control of government where both parties are owned by wall street and the banks, really should spin your head.  This total disregard for the law shows you how bad the situation really is.

Corporate america has we the people by the balls.  They own the news media and the government in which most people trust.  As Ralph Nader stated, ”

It isn’t just the government under the CONTROL of corporations–the government IS the Corporation now! The corporation IS the government!”

The Media you watch is controlled by corporations!

6 companies

6 media companies

Suggested readings:

Aftershock by Robert Reich

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Ralph Nadar on Corporations





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