School: Breeding Contempt of God

The government of the United States has at its core to enforce the constitution of the United States.  The problem is that the government reaches into the very homes of Americans because it (sort of ) enforces the practice of no religion in the schools.  The separation of church in state was about government, not education.  There is no more personal space in our lives than the education of our children.  The government has no right to educate our children, and they have no place in telling us what our children should believe.

The separation of church and state has been violated due to the governance of education in this country.  Teachers and children should not fear that they will be mistreated in any way when they practice religion.  Yet, teachers are in fear of losing their jobs for voicing religious opinions.  Kids are afraid to speak up about their beliefs for fear of lower grades.  This is especially relative when talking about the origins of the universe, a highly philosophical question, and one that most religions have dogma for.  Science cannot prove of disprove the existence of God nor can it define why life exists without becoming religious – for you have to have faith to stomach their answers to the “Why” question of life.

evolutionThe public schools have become a breeding ground for contempt of religion, especially because of the humanist philosophical teaching in the sciences, where the origins of life are taught to have come from natural processes.  Even atheists contest the metaphysical theory of humanism that supports Darwinism.  To discuss a religious view-point on creation or anything that differs with the philosophy inherently embedded in Darwinism is to call scorn upon yourself from the scientific community.

Is time for our children to be equipped for the battle, clothed in anti-government slogans, and bearing the proclamations of the religious or atheist?  Wouldn’t it be better to have them openly discuss philosophy and religion openly?  Don’t most people want to know what the ages have produced as to why the universe exists or why humans have consciousness?  Isn’t it more disturbing that they are taught the answer to these questions in science, and told the science has no philosophical underpinnings?

Truth is that standing up for what you believe once was a cherished and honorable position.  What honor is there in cowardice?  People need to be encouraged to defy the government like Gandhi.  Kids must learn how to best survive an educational system that doesn’t teach truth.  Yet the tentacles of humanism reach all the way into the very heart of the academic world, with their pulpit being the lecterns of our great colleges and universities.

stomp_on_JesusStudent who defy the atheism of the “enlightened”  and the “educated” suffer when they stand up for their faiths and beliefs.  They are mocked in the classroom.  Their grades are deflated, and sometimes they are failed do to their beliefs, I hear this from students every year, so I tell them that letting the faculty know their beliefs is the most certain way to have lower grades.  Student especially should know not to write about religious and political beliefs.  You know you are in an oppressive religious organization when you can’t question the faith.

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