Moth to Flame: Thrill Seekers

thrillseekersOn the dangerous side of a heartbeat dwells the super thrill seeking sensations!

Some allusions just work. People who are stupid and bored are drawn to dangerous situations. They hear a helicopter buzzing by and they run out to the street to see. The gunfire can get you inside the house, so why go out and be a moving target for a trigger happy cop.

Some of us get a thrill at standing close to the edge of a cliff. We want the excitement, the adrenaline rush. We stand on a live wire, we walk the die_hardtight rope. The certain chance of beating death crawls through our veins. The movies portray the rush of beating the scythe of death. The Bourne series, the Taken, Die Hard series, etc. Are you addicted to the cocaine of thrill seeking? If you are you might like to know why.


I find that when my heart palpitates, I’m nauseated. What some call life, I call sickness. Why place yourself in harm’s way. Aren’t you more productive alive. You can’t change the world in the grave.standing on a plane

snow boardIf you live in southern California you have many attractions to draw you to. You have roller coasters, water slides, theme parks, etc. If you like physical thrills you have skiing, if we have snow, surfing, sky diving, ind surfing, etc. There is also a bunch of Hollywood adventures they don’t have anywhere else in the United States like obstacle courses designed by stunt men.

Unnecessary References

Moth to Flame Band:

Moth to Flame, a four piece electric jazz quartet, are performing throughout the New York City area. Moth to Flame has been thrilling audiences in the Northeast, from intimate music clubs to large jazz festivals, through an eclectic mix of classical, jazz, rhythm & blues/soul and rock. More on this band.



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