The Death of Western Civilization

Picture of death symbolPeople came to the United States for the opportunity. They came to take advantage of the resources, the open territory, the ease of conquest, the moral and spiritual freedom. The Europeans killed off the Indians by hook, crook and by carrying biological diseases unknown to North America. These people weren’t Americans they were Europeans.

They didn’t cut ties with Europe, they maintained relations. Up until the 20th century the elite returned to Europe and considered European culture to be far superior. Americans were still just visiting.

The western traditions which use to be the staple of intellectual development in Europe and the United States has suffered a death blow lately, and the traditions which brought Europe from the dark ages into the age of enlightenment have been snuffed out.

Along with that tradition is the striping of all things religious, at least the Christian ideas from public life. Most notably the removal of the age long tradition of displaying religious items such as the ten commandments from courthouses. Other examples such as eliminating prayer from the opening of government run schools and at graduation ceremonies continuesdurer_revelation_four_2riders to erode the basic building blocks for a spiritual foundation of American society.

The Clash of Civilizations

Europe may have gone rotten sooner, and the dead tree churches of England are a glaring example of how the light of the spirit has gone out across the pond. Churches are in ruins, have been sold as nightclub locations, have been turned over to secular use, and have been leased by the Muslim hordes filling the porous pews with a radical faith centuries forgotten.

How long will the nation survive the dismantling of its foundations? How long will the people apathetically sit watching entertainment, the new God of the people? How long will truth lose its meaning and significance?


James Kurth an educator from Harvard writes about Western Civilization. Here is a video with him speaking about western civilization.  He speaks of Samuel Huntington.

“As long as there are people who believe in these principles that practice and promote them, that people will be western civilization. And as long as there are a people who uphold western civilizations ideas, there will be a clash of civilizations.”


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