Islamic Culture: West not Capable of Understanding

palestinian youthWhy is a philosophical question? We ask why when we do not comprehend the rational for someone’s decision. We respond, “Why,” when we look at serial killers, meth abusers, and mentally ill schizophrenics talking to themselves on the streets on every major city in the United States.

 hamas rocketSo, when we in the western hemisphere think about warfare, we don’t think like our enemies from other cultures. We have been raised to make women and children our first priority in whatever we do. We want to keep them alive, and that’s why we provide them with the lifeboats first when our ship is sinking.

But the Islamic culture thinks entirely differently, and has an unfathomable logic. Win at all costs. Women and children be damned.

Reports have been circulated for a while about Hamas military operations using human shields.  People in the west wonder why? The reason is really simple.

“Hamas wants the Israeli Defense Force to kill their children, their women, that’s what they want to happen,” he said. “They want to get the propaganda; they want to get the publicity, the sympathy and the pity of the world to by getting the Israelis to kill their population. That’s war effects exactly what their tactic is.”  Watch this in action on youtube. Video Link

The weakness of Hamas also shows in their use of tunnels to send skirmishers inside Israeli territory. But many people do not know that in building these tunnels and the tunnels from Gaza to Egypt’s border. (At least these tunnels we understand – used to overcome economic oppression to allow free trade with a bordering Islamic country. We in the west ask ourselves Why does Hamas pick a fight they can’t win? They know they will never defeat Israel militarily, so why bother? Because Hamas knows what while they can’t win on the battlefield, they can win in the world court of public opinion.

“To date, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have found and destroyed more than 30 tunnels – each having cost upwards of $2 million a piece to build instead of supplying food and medicine to Palestinians in need.” We in the west wonder why not use that money to build facilities and provide food? But we weren’t raised with Hamas’ mentality.

hamas teaching children

Hamas also uses children to build these tunnels. Nicolas Palham documents the deaths of children in building tunnels: “At least 160 children have been killed in the tunnels, according to Hamas officials.” In the west we don’t allow child labor, and especially are concerned with activities that put children in harm’s way. People would get arrested for that. Islamic culture is different.

Here in the west we were raised with Christian morals and European law derived from Roman law and Greek philosophical reasoning. We are taught that man should better others. We are solely and woefully ignorant of the cultural training that folks in Palestine, including the Gaza Strip are raised with.

The type of rational we see portrayed by Hamas and other fundamentalist Islamic militia is like that of the Nazis in the holocaust. We watch in the movie the Pianist as the old and disabled are murdered by the SS soldiers. What is different about what Hamas is doing now?

 hamas using human shields


Gaza’s Tunnel Phenomenon: The Unintended Dynamics of Israel’s Siege

Nicolas Pelham

Journal of Palestine Studies Vol. 41, No. 4 (Summer 2012), pp. 6-31 Published by: University of California Press Article Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.1525/jps.2012.XLI.4.6

Downloadable for 22$

Effects of War on Children:

It has been said the Hamas has used children and other civilians as human shields. According to researchers, war’s death toll now includes a 90 percent civilian component.

Children as shields: Warfare Strategy

Understanding Islam and Jihad: Islam Spread by the Sword?

Syrian Christians face new treat – “convert, submit to Islam or face sword”


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