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Quesalupa Cheesy Breaking News

Convenience Foods

People are about convenience foods, and now it seems that fat cats who own the news marketplace are about serving up news that is just as cheesy. They also don’t want to have to do the research to know what is fact or fiction on the internet. Actually companies have cookie which track content you look at and spin everything into your ear that falls within the confine of your tastes, all to drive traffic.  News no longer is about truth.  The Kardashians (Sociological reasons) are news, Sarah Palin is news.  Prince William is news.

fat cats of the press

Fat Cat Press


The quality of news is degraded by the blogosphere, many say. That’s because we can cut and snip out portions of news articles from reputable news sources, but the reputable is corrupted by the capitalism of the internet.  Yes, the advertising is what is paying the bills, and the fat cats who make money need the dollars to stay fat.  So really what is news on the web is only what fat cats think will draw money into their coffers. The chart below show the difference between what the public wants to hear about and what the news agencies place as content.

news interest versus media coverage.PNG

Oh, those two percent-ers. They could care less what is in the news, and they don’t see their owning newspapers, radio and TV stations and internet news sources as related to public service.  No, they see it from the penthouse view of looking down on their bludgeoning financial statements.  [Did I mention fat cats???]  Did the company make quarterly sales figures, and what we are left with is a Quesalupa new diet?  Cheesy and full of links to girls showing off their skin, what the hell has that to do with news?

the outrageous crap mixed in your news

Outrageous Carp mixed with News

Even news references are often paid spaces from those advertising, or those selling something, as I’m sure you are aware of half the links are pay-by-click sites driving money into someone’s pocket, and not yours or mine.  Having food, sex, fashion and popular culture, the popular menu items just waters down organization ability to generate decent news coverage.

speaknstomp readership

Write it and they won’t come; Unless you link to popular culture! Then write consistently or your relevance fades fast.

As a blogger, I’m always microblogging and linking to content or cultural aspects of what I’m writing so that I can draw more points from the digital bots, (Google mainly) that reflect the relevance of my pieces. I’m at least up front about it.

[Notice that the first three years I was a super blogger, and now I’ve rejoined the rank ranks]

tower_of_boxes_by_darkvixen8Do you really think my writing is good enough to put my blog up in front of a quarter million viewers, as it has over the past few years.  I’m writing this thing infrequently, and so I’ve found that to have a voice, I have to build a complex system of other people boxes to get up high enough to broadcast in the world of news and social commentary.  Maybe you are like me and lose interest if no one is reading your posts.  Sites like Yahoo and MSN are full of content they did not create, but snagged from other sources like the Huffington Post, New York Times, Reuters, Associated Press, and a load of sponsored site.   Companies like Taboola are helping drive information regardless of its character, authenticity and accuracy.  The ethic is making money now providing reliable news.


clockwork orange gangMy social experience is that you need Darth Vader, Clockwork Orange, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Prince and Michael Jackson type focus to get any real traction on the slippery slopes of blogging. Without them, your content is just zeros and ones floating into a blackhole of the unseen.  Digital conversations with the ether.  The tags are the communication that connects us, not the content.  People are not caring or even wanting your insights and commentary blog world.  They want you porn, your gossip, your pictures of the famous or notorious.  If I could place Osama bin Laden ‘s corpse up, I’d have something that many might like to see especially if it had a video, regardless if the picture was real or not.  Heck didn’t they make an Osama movie focusing on that death scene????  You need some violent psychopathic tendencies to illicit the type of traffic in this “dog eat dog” world.

Advice Point:

When placing popular cultural items in you blog, who cares if they make any sense, they will drive people to your site.

Internet News and Regular News is Corrupt

This graphic depicts the real world of how news doesn’t meet the public’s interest in content. The lines are out of whack.  This is the same reasoning that keeps the cheesy fattening goodness of the Taco Bell Quesalupa on the menu.  Everyone knows this meal is more like a cholesterol and sodium through the roof.   As CEO Creg Greedy, oh I mean Yum Brands Greg Creedy has stated, “Easy trumps better!”  As Yum does care about nutrition and quality, neither does the news agencies we read each day.  So enjoy your cheese, and also don’t worry about indigestion.  The fat cats want your money and they don’t care if you grow stupid by reading the poor quality news and information they  control.  What are you going to get cancer – if it were so they would own medicine?  Oh know, perhaps they do?

Article References

Schnell writes: While many lament the seeming lack of quality, in-depth journalism today, a darth fader close upGawker article argues that the inescapable problem is that you need a paying (in some form) audience (of a large enough size) to do it. There are plenty of free “news” sources to be found online, especially blogs simply regurgitating and putting a spin on wire news reports. But as the article notes, “The audience for quality prestige content is small. Even smaller than the actual output of quality prestige content, which itself is smaller than most media outlets like to imagine.” Even highly respected news sources like the New York Times are resorting to wine clubs, and the Washington Post is giving free subscriptions to Amazon Prime members to drive more corporate synergy and revenue. Rich parent companies are giving up on boutique, high-quality, niche journalism projects like ESPN’s Grantland and Al Jazeera America because there simply aren’t enough TV viewers/online ad clickers to pay the bills. So how do we reconcile our collectively-stated desire for high quality journalism with our (seeming) collective unwillingness to pay for it?

3 stylized facts: i) particular quality news markets are dominated by merely a few providers, ii) demand for quality news appears stable, but provision of news has become specialized; mainstream news is decoupled from quality news, and iii) the dominant business model of internet news mirrors that of radio, television, and newspapers in that costs of news production are recouped via advertising.

6 companies own the America news media are swimming in the money:

swim in money


America and the lowest common denominator: Vulgarity

To be an American is to be a pervert???

The American moral fabric has torn, vulgarity rules.  Half of Americans view pornography on the internet weekly.  Even the clergy of Christian denominations are found pandering and joining prostitutes in seedy hotels or in their leer jets and mansions.  The world is returning to the days of the pagan Roman’s with graphic sexual imagery in advertising and main stream media.

I think the Muslim clerics have it right.  America is a cesspool, and Americans are going to hell.  Only jihad can cleanse America.  The Christians have cold hearts and chase skirts just as often as the unchurched.  41% of children are born out of wedlock.

My son plays Call of Duty, and I listened to the dialog in the portion of the game called “Campaign.”  The “F” word was heard 9 times within 4 minutes of one portion of the game – the characters are all cursing as they come into a combat situation.  This is a 14 year old who commonly uses the F word himself, but this is the norm in American schools.

It appears that the youth are headed to a new low plateau of language, as the suction of the moral substance of America is dying off.  The generations of moral, Christian Americans, those who suffered through the depression, the second world war – the backbone on the society.

The nation is so low as to spend millions of dollars on the worst vulgarity: Hollywood entertainment.  Either movies are filled with extremely graphic violence or filled with sexual innuendos or displays.  What once was kept in the closet is flaunted as the new norm.

One perfect example of this degradation as a culture is the film The Hangover.  But today we’ll just think about the sequel: The Hangover part Two is out and the sickness continues.  America is addicted to black humor of the worst drivel.  I knew it was really bad when x-ear biter, Tyson, showed up in the film.  The first was bad enough, but the soul-less and amoral youth of America demand more – even if the crap is telling jokes, it’s still crap.

One reviewer of the Hangover Two movie writes:

One of the biggest differences between the two films is the sequel’s focus on raunchiness and vulgarity compared to the original. The filmmakers try to top the original but instead of focusing on more clever and original comedy, they simply included more unfunny raunchiness in it along with a lot more male nudity. Once the “Wolfpack” wakes up, the crude humor takes center stage and never lets up.

The moral abyss is deepening, and the youth are driving on the Highway to Hell, but the road is long, and my generation were driving on it 30 years ago and listening to AC/DC, doing drugs, and getting some.

I know as I write this piece that many are laughing and will mock these words, with the who cares attitude, as ironically the internet itself is the largest venues for filth.   The America society of Christian virtue is long gone, and the results are soon to overtake society.  Sexual perversity and eroticism will be part of a society that takes to spending over $400 million on such a stupid movie.  What is the limit?

We should expect that our world turn more and more like that of the collapsing Roman empire.  The sports and violence we watch are like the gladiators and games of old.

In a piece on the web about porn, I found the following comment:

Roman Porn

The actual term “pornography” was first coined when the ancient city of Pompeii (buried in A.D. 79 by the massive eruption of Mt.Vesuvius) was excavated and many sexually graphic paintings and sculptures were found. The ancient Romans (1st century AD) did not perceive this sexy stuff as shameful, and displayed their sexually overt art in conspicuous places. It was not uncommon for a graphic sex scene to be shown right beside a landscape scene. 19th century archeologists were shocked and appalled by this ancient smut and quickly stashed the dirty pictures in order to shelter women, children and the lower classes from corruption. They used the term “pornography” to classify these hoarded artifacts and pictures. In fact, pornography has been suppressed since the notion was created (6).

Pompeii Porn

Why would the world feel that way.  Well it had something to do with the growth of Christianity.  The pagans worshipped idols and had sex with the temple priests and priestesses.  They had orgies of food, women and music.  Doesn’t that sound like what’s occurring today.  The culture today is headed right back to bacchanalian perversion and sin.

I say let them.  Let the rift between the faithful and the damned grow wider and wider, so doomsday will come.  The end of the world will be one fine party for all of them.  Face it, if they don’t value their own souls, then let them run amuck.    The Revelation predicts that one day they will be saying that they wish they were dead.  It also says that the ungodly will kill off the believers.  The darkness can’t stand the light.

Just remember the saved are just as sinful, but you would think they would no better.  But the suction of a world sliding into hell is pulling them down.

Additional information:

Wiki on internet porn

The Internet is an international network and there are currently no international laws regulating pornography; each country deals with Internet pornography differently. Generally, in the United States, if the act depicted in the pornographic content is legal in the jurisdiction that it is being distributed from then the distributor of such content would not be in violation of the law regardless of whether it is accessible in countries where it is illegal. This does not apply to those who access the pornography, however, as they could still be prosecuted under local laws in their country. Due to enforcement problems in anti-pornography laws over the Internet, countries that prohibit or heavily restrict access to pornography have taken other approaches to limit access by their citizens, such as employing content filters.

Many activists and politicians have expressed concern over the easy availability of Internet pornography, especially to minors. This has led to a variety of attempts to restrict children’s access to Internet pornography such as the 1996 Communications Decency Act in the United States. Some companies use an Adult Verification System (AVS) to deny access to pornography by minors. However, most Adult Verification Systems charge fees that are substantially higher than the actual costs of any verification they do (for example, in excess of $10/month) and are really part of a revenue collection scheme where sites encourage users to sign up for an AVS system, and get a percentage of the proceeds in return.

The bandwidth usage of a pornography site is relatively high, and the … Many commercial porn sites exist that allow one to view pornographic …. The NCMEC estimated in 2003 that 20% of all pornography traded over the Internet was child pornography…


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Quesalupa Cheesy Breaking News

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