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Quesalupa Cheesy Breaking News

Convenience Foods

People are about convenience foods, and now it seems that fat cats who own the news marketplace are about serving up news that is just as cheesy. They also don’t want to have to do the research to know what is fact or fiction on the internet. Actually companies have cookie which track content you look at and spin everything into your ear that falls within the confine of your tastes, all to drive traffic.  News no longer is about truth.  The Kardashians (Sociological reasons) are news, Sarah Palin is news.  Prince William is news.

fat cats of the press

Fat Cat Press


The quality of news is degraded by the blogosphere, many say. That’s because we can cut and snip out portions of news articles from reputable news sources, but the reputable is corrupted by the capitalism of the internet.  Yes, the advertising is what is paying the bills, and the fat cats who make money need the dollars to stay fat.  So really what is news on the web is only what fat cats think will draw money into their coffers. The chart below show the difference between what the public wants to hear about and what the news agencies place as content.

news interest versus media coverage.PNG

Oh, those two percent-ers. They could care less what is in the news, and they don’t see their owning newspapers, radio and TV stations and internet news sources as related to public service.  No, they see it from the penthouse view of looking down on their bludgeoning financial statements.  [Did I mention fat cats???]  Did the company make quarterly sales figures, and what we are left with is a Quesalupa new diet?  Cheesy and full of links to girls showing off their skin, what the hell has that to do with news?

the outrageous crap mixed in your news

Outrageous Carp mixed with News

Even news references are often paid spaces from those advertising, or those selling something, as I’m sure you are aware of half the links are pay-by-click sites driving money into someone’s pocket, and not yours or mine.  Having food, sex, fashion and popular culture, the popular menu items just waters down organization ability to generate decent news coverage.

speaknstomp readership

Write it and they won’t come; Unless you link to popular culture! Then write consistently or your relevance fades fast.

As a blogger, I’m always microblogging and linking to content or cultural aspects of what I’m writing so that I can draw more points from the digital bots, (Google mainly) that reflect the relevance of my pieces. I’m at least up front about it.

[Notice that the first three years I was a super blogger, and now I’ve rejoined the rank ranks]

tower_of_boxes_by_darkvixen8Do you really think my writing is good enough to put my blog up in front of a quarter million viewers, as it has over the past few years.  I’m writing this thing infrequently, and so I’ve found that to have a voice, I have to build a complex system of other people boxes to get up high enough to broadcast in the world of news and social commentary.  Maybe you are like me and lose interest if no one is reading your posts.  Sites like Yahoo and MSN are full of content they did not create, but snagged from other sources like the Huffington Post, New York Times, Reuters, Associated Press, and a load of sponsored site.   Companies like Taboola are helping drive information regardless of its character, authenticity and accuracy.  The ethic is making money now providing reliable news.


clockwork orange gangMy social experience is that you need Darth Vader, Clockwork Orange, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Prince and Michael Jackson type focus to get any real traction on the slippery slopes of blogging. Without them, your content is just zeros and ones floating into a blackhole of the unseen.  Digital conversations with the ether.  The tags are the communication that connects us, not the content.  People are not caring or even wanting your insights and commentary blog world.  They want you porn, your gossip, your pictures of the famous or notorious.  If I could place Osama bin Laden ‘s corpse up, I’d have something that many might like to see especially if it had a video, regardless if the picture was real or not.  Heck didn’t they make an Osama movie focusing on that death scene????  You need some violent psychopathic tendencies to illicit the type of traffic in this “dog eat dog” world.

Advice Point:

When placing popular cultural items in you blog, who cares if they make any sense, they will drive people to your site.

Internet News and Regular News is Corrupt

This graphic depicts the real world of how news doesn’t meet the public’s interest in content. The lines are out of whack.  This is the same reasoning that keeps the cheesy fattening goodness of the Taco Bell Quesalupa on the menu.  Everyone knows this meal is more like a cholesterol and sodium through the roof.   As CEO Creg Greedy, oh I mean Yum Brands Greg Creedy has stated, “Easy trumps better!”  As Yum does care about nutrition and quality, neither does the news agencies we read each day.  So enjoy your cheese, and also don’t worry about indigestion.  The fat cats want your money and they don’t care if you grow stupid by reading the poor quality news and information they  control.  What are you going to get cancer – if it were so they would own medicine?  Oh know, perhaps they do?

Article References

Schnell writes: While many lament the seeming lack of quality, in-depth journalism today, a darth fader close upGawker article argues that the inescapable problem is that you need a paying (in some form) audience (of a large enough size) to do it. There are plenty of free “news” sources to be found online, especially blogs simply regurgitating and putting a spin on wire news reports. But as the article notes, “The audience for quality prestige content is small. Even smaller than the actual output of quality prestige content, which itself is smaller than most media outlets like to imagine.” Even highly respected news sources like the New York Times are resorting to wine clubs, and the Washington Post is giving free subscriptions to Amazon Prime members to drive more corporate synergy and revenue. Rich parent companies are giving up on boutique, high-quality, niche journalism projects like ESPN’s Grantland and Al Jazeera America because there simply aren’t enough TV viewers/online ad clickers to pay the bills. So how do we reconcile our collectively-stated desire for high quality journalism with our (seeming) collective unwillingness to pay for it?

3 stylized facts: i) particular quality news markets are dominated by merely a few providers, ii) demand for quality news appears stable, but provision of news has become specialized; mainstream news is decoupled from quality news, and iii) the dominant business model of internet news mirrors that of radio, television, and newspapers in that costs of news production are recouped via advertising.

6 companies own the America news media are swimming in the money:

swim in money


Inflation and why you should fear

Value of dollarThe money supply in the past few years has tripled.  What is the result of that tripling?  First the government has basically said a dollar is now worth 33 cents, or one third of what it was worth a couple of years ago.  You should be scared.

What does that mean?  You use to page $1.50 for a gallon of gasoline, and now what are you paying?  Here in CA at a shell station close to where I ride the train, the cost was already $4.37.  What’s means the $1 in 2007 is now worth 34% cents today.  The price is showing you the true inflation rate.

I also see that reflected accurately in my pay buying less.  don’t you.  So what happen to truth in reporting.  The government doesn’t want you to think about it.  They are using it (inflation) to effectively decrease their debt, by making the money’s value decrease.  So if they own 17 trillion dollars, and they keep pumping money into the money supply, then they really only owe one third of the value of that debt.

Real Inflation RateThink about how that works for your debt.  Let’s say that you owe $10,000 and now you want to pay it off.  Well the drop in value of the dollar is great for you, because in real terms you are only having to pay 33 cents on the dollar, or $3333 for the $10,00o.  This works for all debts.

Weird how your debt is better than your earnings.  But that’s the scary part.  Debt is a promise, and you are not really paying what you promised.  It makes you a big liar, like the government.  No integrity, like the white house.

The rich corporations and banks don’t want to inflate things, but the government is over its head in debt.  Because what happens next is that everyone raises their price so they can have more value to cover the rising costs.  But, at the same time, the pay for jobs will go down, because the profit margins for the rich, the stockholders and the CEOs won’t go down.  They need  higher prices and lower pay to keep their greedy little accounts growing with worthless money.

Gas PricesIn real terms, the government is owned by corporate america and the banks.  They are beholden to floating the economy.  Because of that, they lie constantly about what things are worth.    Lance Roberts has written a solid piece in how those figures have been compromised.

The fabric of American society is totally immersed in the deception.  This series of lies and alteration of consistency in reporting inflation; the fact that the media doesn’t report these adjustments shows that corporations have something at stake in not reporting it; the fact that what the American government did in bailing out the automakers, AIG, and the banks was totally illegal.  This huge system of capitalistic control of government where both parties are owned by wall street and the banks, really should spin your head.  This total disregard for the law shows you how bad the situation really is.

Corporate america has we the people by the balls.  They own the news media and the government in which most people trust.  As Ralph Nader stated, ”

It isn’t just the government under the CONTROL of corporations–the government IS the Corporation now! The corporation IS the government!”

The Media you watch is controlled by corporations!

6 companies

6 media companies

Suggested readings:

Aftershock by Robert Reich

20 biggest Donors for 2012 election — Mother Jones

Deadly Monopolies — P2P Foundation’s Blog

Ralph Nadar on Corporations





Reforming the church never ends


The idea of living as a hermit or as a celibate priest has been in the Catholic church for hundreds of years.  The insanity of that idea has been hushed up for years and years as the children have been defiled by priests.  Who knows what things happen in the nunnery when a rogue priest gets in either.

The Roman part of the church has held on to that tenet as if it were the way to holiness; as if denying ones humanity was the highest road to virtue.

Some of you may not know it, but the reason for this road was one of institutional greed.  When a priest who was married had a family and wife, the inheritance of his family became a serious legal threat to the property and wealth of the church.  So as good institutional bureaucrats would, they lopped off this problem by forcing priests to stay celibate, and they even went to some extent to deny facts like Jesus having brothers – for we wouldn’t want Mary to have had sex now would we, as she is the mother of God?  Well I don’t believe that, but the point is that the church has promulgated this lie for eons.

My favorite part of reformation history was when Martin Luther decided to marry.  He was middle aged by the time he had decided monks and nuns should no longer be celibate.  And, he chose as history sates it, the most homely woman (nun) to be his bride, for no other man would take her.

What the reformation did, and maybe not entirely too well at times was to expose the falsehoods that the church had built into the edifice of church dogma.  The one everyone thinks most often on is the indulgences.

The wealth and power of the Catholic church is today continued by lies and ignorance.  The lies like the need for priests to be celibate, the divinity of Mary, and regard for the papacy (Peter’s honored post) have been mainstays in church that is a religious relic and not the carrier of God’s spirit.  The masses of Catholics are the most ignorant of all professing Christians on the planet (of course and argument could be made for the Anglican Church here).  This fact confirms to most Protestants that the priesthood has little concern for equipping the saints.  Like the lies of the Pentecostals and other health and wealth churches which revolved around make it happen by your words, and plant the seed of faith and you’ll get that new car – just send in your dollars now.  We should expose lies wherever they lie.

I applaud Cardinal Schönborn for asking the church to rethink celibacy for one.  However, maybe the reason the Catholics should give up celibacy is to avoid the cost of priest pedophiles.  As any institution, and this is a huge institution we are talking about, the self-protection instinct is alive and well.  My take is that if any religious institution is not taking care of the truth before the institution then you have a corrupted church.

Martin Luther's wife

Related Post:  Let Priests Marry? Austrian Cardinal Schönborn Roils the Vatican

To Several Nuns (Letter from Martin Luther to Catholic Nuns about celibacy issue)

Victims want actions, not apologies for priest abuse


Doctors Speak Out About Medical Billing Fraud

Medical Billing Problems! Us?

As you know, the price of insurance and medicine has risen noticeably for many years. My own insurance is with Blue Cross, and it is supposed to increase in cost by 39%. The cost keeps going up, and my pay doesn’t. The rich fat cat medical organizations can charge whatever they want, and we can do “nothing” about it.
Maybe you don’t know it, but as recently as 1981, only 8% of families filing for bankruptcy did so in the aftermath of a serious medical problem. But by 2007, 62.1% of all bankruptcies in 2007 were medical related. This reflects a grievous, unchecked increase for families. Insurance costs have gone up. Will it ever end? Probably not.
Medicine is not like any type of business that competes for your dollar. As a matter of interest, have you ever wondered how the costs on your medical bill are calculated? Well most of it has to do directly with what the insurance policy you carry says it will pay. Then if your policy doesn’t cover past a certain point, you get the cost directly. Or your deductible on your insurance may b extremely high from the get go. But nothing regulates these costs, and they are just increased at the whim of the hospital or doctors office. Yet health care in the US is not improving under this type of unregulated system.
Furthermore, in states with large immigrant populations (many who are here illegally), the state’s costs for medical care is helping to destroy the state’s budget. And if the state doesn’t pay it directly, you might not like it but you bill goes up to cover the cost. The real cost of illegal immigration is that states do not check citizenship in providing education to their children, or for state funded social services, and for county run medical facilities.
I read recently that inflation of costs associated with medical visits continues to be done, reflecting how unethical billing practices have become rampant in the industry. People you know that when you see a bill for $50 for an aspirin, or $800 for entering the hospital emergency room, you have been had.
When doctors speak out against theses practices, or if they question the legitimacy of how billing is handled, they are often fired – meaning their contract is ended. In many places medical fraud is as popular as other felonious activities like robbery and murder.
I feel the system should not be left in the hands of the fat cats. What about you?
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Quesalupa Cheesy Breaking News

Quesalupa Cheesy Breaking News

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