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Quesalupa Cheesy Breaking News

Convenience Foods

People are about convenience foods, and now it seems that fat cats who own the news marketplace are about serving up news that is just as cheesy. They also don’t want to have to do the research to know what is fact or fiction on the internet. Actually companies have cookie which track content you look at and spin everything into your ear that falls within the confine of your tastes, all to drive traffic.  News no longer is about truth.  The Kardashians (Sociological reasons) are news, Sarah Palin is news.  Prince William is news.

fat cats of the press

Fat Cat Press


The quality of news is degraded by the blogosphere, many say. That’s because we can cut and snip out portions of news articles from reputable news sources, but the reputable is corrupted by the capitalism of the internet.  Yes, the advertising is what is paying the bills, and the fat cats who make money need the dollars to stay fat.  So really what is news on the web is only what fat cats think will draw money into their coffers. The chart below show the difference between what the public wants to hear about and what the news agencies place as content.

news interest versus media coverage.PNG

Oh, those two percent-ers. They could care less what is in the news, and they don’t see their owning newspapers, radio and TV stations and internet news sources as related to public service.  No, they see it from the penthouse view of looking down on their bludgeoning financial statements.  [Did I mention fat cats???]  Did the company make quarterly sales figures, and what we are left with is a Quesalupa new diet?  Cheesy and full of links to girls showing off their skin, what the hell has that to do with news?

the outrageous crap mixed in your news

Outrageous Carp mixed with News

Even news references are often paid spaces from those advertising, or those selling something, as I’m sure you are aware of half the links are pay-by-click sites driving money into someone’s pocket, and not yours or mine.  Having food, sex, fashion and popular culture, the popular menu items just waters down organization ability to generate decent news coverage.

speaknstomp readership

Write it and they won’t come; Unless you link to popular culture! Then write consistently or your relevance fades fast.

As a blogger, I’m always microblogging and linking to content or cultural aspects of what I’m writing so that I can draw more points from the digital bots, (Google mainly) that reflect the relevance of my pieces. I’m at least up front about it.

[Notice that the first three years I was a super blogger, and now I’ve rejoined the rank ranks]

tower_of_boxes_by_darkvixen8Do you really think my writing is good enough to put my blog up in front of a quarter million viewers, as it has over the past few years.  I’m writing this thing infrequently, and so I’ve found that to have a voice, I have to build a complex system of other people boxes to get up high enough to broadcast in the world of news and social commentary.  Maybe you are like me and lose interest if no one is reading your posts.  Sites like Yahoo and MSN are full of content they did not create, but snagged from other sources like the Huffington Post, New York Times, Reuters, Associated Press, and a load of sponsored site.   Companies like Taboola are helping drive information regardless of its character, authenticity and accuracy.  The ethic is making money now providing reliable news.


clockwork orange gangMy social experience is that you need Darth Vader, Clockwork Orange, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Prince and Michael Jackson type focus to get any real traction on the slippery slopes of blogging. Without them, your content is just zeros and ones floating into a blackhole of the unseen.  Digital conversations with the ether.  The tags are the communication that connects us, not the content.  People are not caring or even wanting your insights and commentary blog world.  They want you porn, your gossip, your pictures of the famous or notorious.  If I could place Osama bin Laden ‘s corpse up, I’d have something that many might like to see especially if it had a video, regardless if the picture was real or not.  Heck didn’t they make an Osama movie focusing on that death scene????  You need some violent psychopathic tendencies to illicit the type of traffic in this “dog eat dog” world.

Advice Point:

When placing popular cultural items in you blog, who cares if they make any sense, they will drive people to your site.

Internet News and Regular News is Corrupt

This graphic depicts the real world of how news doesn’t meet the public’s interest in content. The lines are out of whack.  This is the same reasoning that keeps the cheesy fattening goodness of the Taco Bell Quesalupa on the menu.  Everyone knows this meal is more like a cholesterol and sodium through the roof.   As CEO Creg Greedy, oh I mean Yum Brands Greg Creedy has stated, “Easy trumps better!”  As Yum does care about nutrition and quality, neither does the news agencies we read each day.  So enjoy your cheese, and also don’t worry about indigestion.  The fat cats want your money and they don’t care if you grow stupid by reading the poor quality news and information they  control.  What are you going to get cancer – if it were so they would own medicine?  Oh know, perhaps they do?

Article References

Schnell writes: While many lament the seeming lack of quality, in-depth journalism today, a darth fader close upGawker article argues that the inescapable problem is that you need a paying (in some form) audience (of a large enough size) to do it. There are plenty of free “news” sources to be found online, especially blogs simply regurgitating and putting a spin on wire news reports. But as the article notes, “The audience for quality prestige content is small. Even smaller than the actual output of quality prestige content, which itself is smaller than most media outlets like to imagine.” Even highly respected news sources like the New York Times are resorting to wine clubs, and the Washington Post is giving free subscriptions to Amazon Prime members to drive more corporate synergy and revenue. Rich parent companies are giving up on boutique, high-quality, niche journalism projects like ESPN’s Grantland and Al Jazeera America because there simply aren’t enough TV viewers/online ad clickers to pay the bills. So how do we reconcile our collectively-stated desire for high quality journalism with our (seeming) collective unwillingness to pay for it?

3 stylized facts: i) particular quality news markets are dominated by merely a few providers, ii) demand for quality news appears stable, but provision of news has become specialized; mainstream news is decoupled from quality news, and iii) the dominant business model of internet news mirrors that of radio, television, and newspapers in that costs of news production are recouped via advertising.

6 companies own the America news media are swimming in the money:

swim in money


The Creative Process

 art 2What is Creative?

didactic teacherFirst of all creativity is a skill, not knowledge and not science. That’s why writing and art instructors fail. They teach you what was considered good art or good fiction. They analyze it, and the can break it down into techniques and styles, but the creative skill is not something you get canned in a box. Writers often rehash materials or use a type of style to project their work into. Artists do the same. They tend to review other art and then copy that style. But just like musicians can play a piece of well-crafted music, that doesn’t mean they are creative. Copying someone’s work and playing someone else’s tune is performance. Creativity requires spontaneity.

In reading about what the intellectual world describes as creative, you start sensing that those whocreative crazies are the most creative are the ones who pull away from the norms of society. You read that folks have nonconforming attitudes and behaviors. But I seriously do not hold that viewpoint. People can be creative and use pre-existing styles and patterns of thought and function to generate a new design. Some creative work requires coming up with nuances of change rather than scrap the whole 25,000 years of history of mankind. You get a sense that the loft philosophical evaluators of society only recognize bizarre works as creative. It would seem that you have to be crazy to be creative.

I find it reassuring that you are no more apt to likely to suffer from a psychiatric disorder that the normal human population when you are a creative type. There are correlations between feeling positive and creativity. I like that. I tend to get moody, and when I’m not feeling good, I’m not productive nor creative. Stress is also a killer of the creative powers.

creative penSome writers talk about hearing characters speaking to them when they are writing fiction. I don’t hear any voices, do you? Sometimes I wish my characters would just join in my thinking and tell me what to write. I think having voice talking to you is a sign of mental illness. But if your imagination is powerful enough, then maybe you can hear your fictional characters chatting over lunch in a little café. Do you imagine having your stories come alive in your imagination?

How to Sharpen the Creative Skill

Often we are told as writers and creative people to go and put down a prehistory of the characters we are creating. We give them personalities, have them have backgrounds, to give them context, to add dimensionality. These are the type of exercises one does to sharpen their creative skill.

sketchbook11But an artist can write as well, but instead of with words they can create sketches or story boards.   If one thinks of what they are working on as a scene in a movie, then they can perceive more – but it is when to add the detail, where to add the focus, which makes the focal point of a piece.

Creative Living

Creative Living

Brushing out a few sketches like an artists, gives the creative juices the right to flow. It’s like saying the magic words for the door to open.

Some say that they get their ideas from dreams, from what they’ve read and scene, but whatever it is, it comes through the gates of the mind. It’s not the sensational experience of seeing the scene in real life that makes it work, but the thought of the scene. Sometimes having a pen & notebook in your possession helps you capture more effectively those creative bursts.

An illustration:

You may be walking in a park. You are like a camera, mic and recording device on two legs. Someone is approached and mugged. Now the description of these individuals is not the story, but only a reflection. You the artist or the writer can choose what to focus on. Camera angle one: you film camerawrite down who the individuals are in the focus. Where do they come film camera twofrom? Where were they headed? As soon as you pull them apart, and reverse the film from that camera angle, you start seeing that the palette of colors is of your choosing, just like the painter. Camera angle two: You can lean forward, and reflect what the person would think of the incident in the future tense. Say you have these character now described 30 days out from the event. Where are the two now? This makes you decide what they are doing in the future, and what they may think of the event from that perspective. Camera angle three: what happens after 3 years of time. You can now write about how the event is affecting the two prime actors in the story.

Furthermore, you can go back to these cuts and add defining light, a voice over, music and change the feel of the story as it is developing. Think about this. If you just veneer the scene with odd narration and commentary, like the input of a sports caster narrating the scene as it were a sporting event, you create a comedy of the mugging.

score cardsIf you added three stand-byers who hold up number cards with 8.8, 6.9 7.8 like scores for the sporting event you add another comic veneer. That changes the story. If you switch to commentary about the politics of law enforcement, and focus the reader’s attention to facts and figures regarding crime in that local, you completely change the nature of the story. You could also have the event occurring, in front of another character, who could comment on the event from their point of view.

Writing exercises related to the creative process are a great way to sharpen one’s skills and exercise their creative talent.

Link to a great TED talk on creativity.  For more great art.

piece of doodling


Crazy kissing World

Perfect LipsValentine’s day is coming up and many of you are getting ready to kiss a few sweet lips out there.  Lips are good, but the back of hips ain’t so tasty.  That seems to be the big lesson I received in the world of work when I attended a big conference of ambitious folks looking to score a choice job that their current boss now holds.

Lesson 1 — served with a relish.  Don’t bring problems to your boss, just bring them the answers to their problems.  Meaning don’t tell them you can’t handle something.

Lesson 2 — dressed well.  Always make your boss look good.  The better they look, even if they are a scanky, dribble of  manure that speaks.

Lesson 3 — snake oiled.  The more lousy your boss and negative in their approach to humans, the more you need to protect them or at least their reputation.

Lesson 4 — though the company has customers, don’t actually believe those customers are the reason for your existence, the real world has real internal politics, and you can be fired.  Just say you are helping people to the people you are helping, and do what the boss wants.  Is this how actors learn?

Lesson 5.  Ethics, who cares about ethics, until you are caught with you pants down or your skirt up, your ethics are something you must hide in order to survive.

Most of romance is similar but in another context.  The players change roles, and the rules have been the same for centuries.  Love is a commodity that men spend money to buy from women who want to believe the world is theirs.  When men treat women like princesses, queens and goddesses, they are usually making a play.  Love can’t be bought, but romantics beware, you can be fooled by your own delusions.


The Right Words

Vortex and apple imageThe world is a tough place to live for most of us.  We have good days and bad, but for the most part we are either lonely, frustrated, discouraged or walking with some unmeet need.  We as a species tend to be self-focused and selfish for the better part of our days.  Many of us focus on the negatives, as it is so easy to do.

I noticed myself recently looking at the blue chipped paint on the metal band on a basket of gorgeous flowers, and caught myself thinking, “What a shame.”  When that thought went through my head, I was repulsed and realized that I was being so absorbed in the negative that I forgot to smell those flowers.  The missing paint was but less than .01 percent of the whole painted surface.

The Revelation:  You and I need to step back and find the positives.  We need to plant some seeds of affirmation, and that can make a difference.  I recently read a story about a school teacher who had as a class activity to have her students write down one positive thing for each kid in their class of 34 students.  The students passed around a sheet with their names to their classmates, and then at the end of the class everyone was given their sheet back, but with 33 positive comments from classmates.  Years later when one of the classmates was killed prematurely, the classmates all gathered at the funeral, and they were all surprised that each one still had those note sheets with those positive comments hidden away in wallets, on the back of picture frames and in keepsake boxes.

Are you like me and only see the chipped paint?  What about the roses?  Have you seen any in the flower box?  People are like that.  We look at their bad spots first and ignore their best parts.  So someone has a sagging this, a mole there, their hair dye is needing adjustment, but are we overlooking their spirit, their spunk, or their piazza.


Why cure diabetes, doctors are making a killing

You Sir, Step right up. Have we got a drug for you!

Have you ever wondered why so many writers place a caveat at the end of their writings when it comes to dispensing advice about medical practices it the United State?  Could it be because they are  petrified of the power of the medical establishment and their attorneys?  If you are providing “medical advice” then you are liable – and who decides what is medical advice – well doctors, of course. 

As I get older, the more I read, and the more I read, the more I realize how corrupt life is.  This has been especially true with the path of our hero “Dr. Death!”  Well at least information is out there that refutes that lies of the medical establishment.

Today’s piece is on diabetes, but I’m not offering any information on how to handle the disease.  But rather I’m more interested in why the medical world has held this disease in such high regard.  The livelihood of a great portion of medical practices relates to the problems associated with diabetes, and so why in the world would a doctor want a person to be healed.  There are according to sources nearly 8 percent of Americans with the disease.  That brings the count to over 23 or 24 million.  Think of all the prescriptions and doctor’s visits involved.  Must bring the value of that to Dr. Death to in the millions or maybe billions of dollars.  The percentage of Americans affected rising astronomically when you add in other conditions that have at their heart diabetic underpinnings:  high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, kidney failure and many other associated diseases are

First of all less that 10 percent of diabetics have Type I diabetes, so we aren’t talking about type I here.  The 95% of diabetics are those who develop diabetes have Type II.  As many of you might know the problem when unresolved can bring further medical problems such as heart attacks, strokes, and kidney failure (and other lesser problematic conditions).  The fact is that the condition is metabolic.  That means it relates to the amount of how much sugar is processed.  Obesity, hypertension and elevated cholesterol are prime contributors – and as you see they relate to what you eat, and how fit a person is.  But often the symptoms are treated and not the real problem: diet.  I was struck recently when I learned from a friend with cancer that he he learned that he had to stop eating white foods to help kill of his cancer: potatoes, white sugar, and flour, to name a few.  Now what is the common element here: you got it sugar!  Furthermore, our children who are increasingly becoming diabetic, following the pattern of obesity nationally.  The Center on Disease Control (CDC) has stated that diabetes is now epidemic.  Is it any wonder, considering the types of foods we currently eat, and which have become staples in the American diet: sugar encrusted cereals, potato chips, cakes, candies and cookies, and o f course high fructose corn syrup drinks.

Well the problem here is that medicine does not profit from curing this disease.  It’s about the dollar signs.  In my opinion doctors are in bed with the devil, and loving it.  Have you ever noticed that these men and women of science rarely ever talk much about diet and exercise.  They treat symptoms, and get paid handsomely for it.  However, the folks to blame are those who do not control what they eat, I’m just frustrated with the purveyors of medical truth seem to keep a large drape over the eyes of the nation.

If you want to read a great web site on the realities of why the medical world has turned its back on the real solution and promoted an approach that only deals with symptomology, read and especially the  historic look section, and I quote:

A year later, in 1950, a search was launched for another “wonder drug” to deal with the Type II diabetes problem. The ideal drug would be, like Insulin, effective in remitting obvious adverse symptoms of the disease, but not effective in curing the underlying disease. It would be needed continually for the remaining life of the patient. It would have to be patentable; that is, it could not be a natural medication because these are non-patentable. Like Insulin, it would be economical to manufacture and distribute. Mandatory government approvals would be required to stimulate the use by physicians as a prescription drug. Testing required for these approvals would have to be enormously expensive to prevent other, unapproved medications from becoming competitive. If the drug had unexpected side effects, they could always be explained away by the fact that the disease was worse than the side effects. If the patient died, well, we did our best but this is after all a dangerous disease.

Caveat and Disclaimer:  No medical advice is given here, only exhortation to a profession that has lost touch with their role.  If you want medical advice, I’d probably say, seek to know yourself and be responsible for your own health care.  Doctors are not your best ally.  It’s all a big fat lie.

Suggested Reading:    Dirty Medicine, Drugs are Big business in the United States , The Downward Spiral of Medical Corruption!, and the Sickness Business.


Advice for those with disabilities

From Dr. Bob Segalman’s book “Against the Current”

This is the first of a new series of  excerpts from  Dr. Bob Segalman’s book Against the Current.  Dr. Bob is most notably known for establishing STS (Speech to Speech) communication, which helps those with difficult to understand speech.  Dr. Bob has given SpeakNStomp permission to use excerpts from his book.

Chapter 10

When I was a young person, I knew no adults with CP to whom I could turn for advice.  Thus, I want to write a chapter of advice that might be useful to young people with CP now.

Another reason for choosing to devote a chapter to giving advice is that, as a man, I cannot resist giving it. It’s probably in my genes. Thus, my last chapter focuses on advice. If I were to advise a young adult with CP on the most important things to achieve in order to live a happy and productive life, here’s what I would say:

1. Get as much education as possible. You may be forced to accept a job for which you are educationally over qualified. In addition, your disability may necessitate expenses that able-bodied people do not have. Increased education generally yields increased income to meet such expenses.

2. Choose an occupation that provides these things:

a. Good job security. You have enough to handle without worrying about lay-offs.

b. Adequate health insurance.

c. Good long-term care insurance. CP increases the likelihood that you will need care from others

as you age.

d. An opportunity to maximize a 401k or a good retirement. Similarly, CP can interact with aging problems that will force you into early retirement. I retired at the age of 61 when I no longer had the energy to work a full day. (Now that I am retired, friends tease me for working a longer day than I did for the State of California. The difference is that now I only do work that I truly love and I have no commute to tire me.)

Another reason for choosing to devote a chapter to giving advice is that, as a man, I cannot resist giving it. It’s probably in my genes. Thus, my last chapter focuses on advice. If I were to advise a young adult with CP on the most important things to achieve in order to live a happy and productive life, here’s what I would say:

1. Get as much education as possible. You may be forced to accept a job for which you are educationally over qualified. In addition, your disability may necessitate expenses that able-bodied people do not have. Increased education generally yields increased income to meet such expenses.

2. Choose an occupation that provides these things:a. Good job security. You have enough to handle without worrying about lay-offs.

b. Adequate health insurance.

c. Good long-term care insurance. CP increases the likelihood that you will need care from others as you age.

d. An opportunity to maximize a 401k or a good retirement. Similarly, CP can interact with aging problems that will force you into early retirement. I retired at the age of 61 when I no longer had the energy to work a full day. (Now that I am retired, friends tease me for working a longer day than I did for the State of California. The difference is that now I only do work that I truly love and I have no commute to tire me.)

e. An opportunity to maximize the use of your skills and abilities while minimizing the potential of your disability to interfere with your job performance. As an example, I was very successful in my work as a researcher, as that work maximized the use of my Ph.D. training and minimized my need to speak on the job. I was less successful as a social worker, since the work did not use my advanced training and was compromised by limited speech.

3. Settle in a mild climate. Don’t make life more complicated with the problems of extremes in climate. Be comfortable. My Ph.D. program was made much more difficult due to the cold winter climate. I completed my Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin and had more trouble with the climate than with the curriculum.

4. Get an even-tempered, undemanding pet. Pets can be good friends, very comforting, and usually do not require you

to talk.

5. Make good use of computers and assistive technology. It is well worth the effort to learn to use them well.

6. Be as independent as possible.

7. Find ways to cope with how others react to your disability. You may need a qualified mental health professional

to help you.

8. Find a sexual outlet if you want one. God designed us as sexual beings. Living without sex can be very stressful. Many able-bodied people view people with disabilities as asexual; thus, many of us are raised as if we will not be expected to be sexual beings. If we want to have healthy sex lives, we must compensate for that lack of education and acquire healthy sexual perspectives. Some mental health professionals may assist us in developing a healthy sexual perspective.

9. Marry with caution. Be aware that your disability can bring to the surface psychological needs and behaviors in you or your spouse that can lead to destructive and/or codependent relationships.

10. Exercise and find forms of stress release.


Bureacracy: Splitting Education into Two Camps


One side says, “Come partake of wisdom.”      The other side says “Where is the money.”

I have never been hurried out of a room so fast. The whole thing surreal and awkward – such is life. This blog entry looks at the politics of disability along a personal narrative with respect to college life. It is about exclusion, collusion, and the civil war of educational values. Names have been changed as to avoid the posturing and nastiness of past exchanges. Reader discretion is advised. The first thing that need to be spelled out, is the double-edged sword that is organizational bureaucracy.  In the Cal State University system, this is especial true – and it should be noted that this organizational ‘fat’ at times, truth be told, can radically and covertly deal with a problem infecting the organizations’ standing. As LeBon pointed of ‘crowd’ mindset; the gathering calumniates into a beast quite formidable. Throw in some office food, cake and favors, and a common threat into that crowd; a force to be reckoned with. While that force can tackle an issue, whereas a social benefit, this blog will focus on the contrary:  how the meetings instrument waste, the resulting feature being a tribe full of minions in contrast to the few that care.  At a time when the classes slashed, and fees on the consistent upward surge; the Disabilities office, thought better not to double down effort – not to pull closer the students with disabilities, in their charge.  Instead of being accessible, they locked their doors and hide in the VP’s posh conference room where no students could hassle them.

On this day, the staff chose to make war, and further divide.  Whereas the office is already closed every other Friday, they chose to lock themselves away from their needy students, to have a banquet despite the plight of humanity.  A Friday like no other, and on this day, the two camps were more evident than ever. The administration is itself split in this civil war of values.  Some are in the support camp, busy refining students’ academic skill sets, mentoring, tutoring, and advising.  The other camp discussing internally how disabled students are problems and that they only live with them to have jobs.

average-recent-college-grad.jpgWell in my experience, the students gravitate to finding the souls in the first camp and see right through the insincerity of the second camp’s advertisement of value, their tone of plastic charm.  The real gold is soft, the coated coin hard to the bite.  In this case in point, the students with disabilities were finding that in the last hours of their week before finals, that they even more than the ordinary need the real pragmatic assistance.  They spend hours laboring away in the computer lab, and the staff were readily available to help out those students, to the point of delaying their arrival to the luncheon of the organization, being oblivious to the meeting the other camp had orchestrated.   There could be no argument the dedication, the resolve, and at times obvious improvements made about that camp. The person charged with this lab micro-management, we will call him Frank, the care camper.

student-loan-debt12On this day, Frank, remarks of the Cal State’s ( students)  lack-luster attempt to protest the rising cost of California education; saying that though the students want to fight, they have no real targets.  Frank makes has a valid point. Personally, I understand that ancient desire of expressing my own frustration through destructive means to show the administrative bureaucracy that lives in their self-focused world that they offer  no practical answers to redress problems that common students face – like lack of classes, impaled financial aid awards, professors who grade subjectively, etc.  That destructive impulse, glad to say, has been abated almost entirely due to the healthy connections fostered – quite slowly, and quite grudgingly – by the few, the proud, the positive deviants about the fat; themselves subjected to administrative heat, for caring.

So Frank, who has been a proud sponsor of my own professional future, being from camp care and knowing that I, a student with little capital and coffee money, might benefit from sucking off the fat.    But NO!  Camp “we are here for the money, honey” and students are not invited nor welcomed in the fat room.   They are there to wine and dine, and they do not socialize with the students.  What is the point of working with students unless you want to see them succeed says camp care; while camp don’t care says, we are here to keep you, the mass of students, from catching these “administration building” on fire – as students = problems.  Faculty and staff that take time to address you as a person when you are a student says something about their philosophy of service, their care for humanity, and their character as people.  The care camp are there, and don’t care camp are self-serve only, baby.

The fat, had other plans for my getting some – and Frank, being frank, was appalled.   The top office, with the most ribbons, like a dutiful soldier, questioned this “rude”  intrusion, and forbade the exception to military rule (never even asking why a grunt should join the ranks).  No student can suck the fat with officers in the club (PERIOD).  Staff only.   How embarrassing it was for me, and angering it was for the care camp.  Frank lost, and needless to say I walked away with an empty coffee cup.  Will Frank lose a stripe, have his own ribbons shredded, or his hand slapped?  Probably.  Will a grunt learn a lesson in how the rabid crowd spits on outsiders, for sure.

Frank does have a valid point with respect to the students’ lack of  fire. This generation has no Vietnam to incite their feelings against of social injustice, nor do they have the same anger about the oppression of minorities.  I do concede that much, but there is another side to it. Too few care, about the public agenda disemboweling education, and too many bureaucrats commit to wasting the funds given to quality education — instead embarking they do, on privatized agendas, not well aligned with the interest of the student.  It is what makes public schools look bad.  It is what drives an argument for a charter school system and all out private education — corruption. It is what will result in the dampening the fire that is being frank, rather than flourishing; dies young in college.  My money is that Frank won’t stay very long for just that reason. Not well paid is one thing, but to alienate the one being frank — that makes for a bad party.

Cops-and-Robbers.jpgSo remember that there is a game called cops and robbers.  The cops chase and apprehend the bad guys, but if there was no crime, who would they apprehend?  The justice system needs criminals to succeed.  They need people to live in oppression so they feel a need to steal, get angry enough to kill.  Crime won’t go away; cops need it, lawyers, parole officers and prison guards too.   The disabled offices in this country have a mix of employees.  Some are in the help you camp, the others are there to stop their schools from experiencing student trouble, including civil right cases.  The difference in intrinsic and extrinsic motivators really shows.  Just ask other, more senior, students, and they will tell you which ones are feeding off you or who tie you down in the red tape of bureaucracy and which one will teach you the ropes.  This holds true across the entirety of all campuses.

Sound off with your experiences!  Have you found Frank, and are you fighting with political civil servants who would love to give you less time and earn more pay doing it?

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In the trash economy, they even pay you for picking up trash. You get fully state benefits, medical, and retirement. All you have to do is vote! The state will give you all you need to live in one handy-dandy, little white-plastic shopping bag. It’s all about the taxes. Without a balanced approach, states are […]

America the oligarchy: Cheating for the rich

Ever since I was a kid, I hated the idea of cheating. I didn’t like cheating because cheating made competition null and void. When someone cheated, they were usually a bully type of person. I suspect that’s the same today. People who are really highly competitive, and love to grind down opponents tend to want […]