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Love Your Enemy or Else!!!!

The Devil is known by those of the Christian faith to want to bring death and destruction on God’s people. He hates humanity. That is part of the reason so many uneducated Americans think that servants of Allah worship the devil. The world’s recent events have painted a crystal clear picture of those perpetuating criminal attacks on innocent people in the name of Allah. One was the beheading of U.S. journalist James Foley, held hostage in Syria. The other was the abduction of school girls by Boko Haram. Americans look on these events, and their attention is drawn to the spectacular, the criminal and the crazed world of the middle east and central Africa, but is America ready for its own Jihad?

Ibeheadingf these groups were residing in Georgia, or California or even Texas, these abductions and murders would be investigated by the FBI. But for now, they only appear on TV a world away. If the USA had people beheaded and their children stolen from out of a government sponsored school, Americans would seethe with anger and take actions. Yet, clearly a faith-based genocide has gone on in Iraq with the destruction of the Christian minority in the northern provinces and what has the US done? — well that’s a world away, remember!

Westerners can’t get their head around it. But the psychological message which metaphorically blazoned in our psyche is clear: Western thought, education and intelligence is outright rejected by those of the radical Sunni Muslim faith. Lope off his head, and he can’t think, can’t speak, and can’t question Islamic culture. Juxtaposed with the train of thought or the ideas westerners are taught; namely to be tolerant of others belief systems, divergent thinking and lifestyles. It is only when militants use alternative lifestyles and religion as a reason to execute people, that westerners take notice and writhe in horror.

The head of the journalist is the symbol that can’t be denied. It might as well be hosted up on a pike, with the blood dripping down the shaft — brutality in all it’s glory! One man thus becomes an image we can all feel. Western thought is to be rejected and those whose heads a filled with western thought need to be removed, violently.

What is in the Sunni thinking that so hates western ideas and western logic? This is a legitimate question, but the roots of why this problem has come up is so detailed and complex it spins the head, wrenches the neck, and stuns the brain. Unlike the modern west, the Muslim world still teaches the state and religion go hand in hand.

What actions have western nations taken to be hated so?

american imperialism viewed by muslim worldIn my opinion what the US did when they attacked Iraq was clearly an act of war, and it was not done lawfully according to the constitution. It was justified by very flimsy reasoning as being connected to the terrorists attack on 9/11. Where was the actual proof? How was it legal, peaceable, and reasonable? Governments in the west aren’t living up to the standards of right and wrong, aren’t following their own tenets and rule of law, and therefore are guilty of crimes against humanity. If we did this personally, we’d be sitting in prison awaiting judgement.

Then there are several hundred years of British colonialism that plagued the Middle East, the far east and many other parts of the world. It is the domination of the strong societies over the weak that make men cast off enlightened western beliefs. Medicine and engineering, mathematics and sciences all grew to where they are today through the western school of thought. Western Imperialism affected the whole world, oppressed people and systematically, and exploited human societies everywhere their greedy hands went — always at the tip of the sword or barrel of a gun. So the west’s immoral exploitation of the world’s resources is what propelled them to the top.

AnotherForeign Culture

The Boko Haram operates like a gang of thugs. Their idea of eliminating western education, is reflected quiet well in abducting school children. They are like a bunch of gang-banger dropouts who want to take over the governing, replacing a civil society with the rule of force. Terror allows them to manipulate people, paralyze them with fear, and to rob from the weak.

Though this radical form of Islam and the indoctrination it produces is a danger to the world, we are more at risk due to internal illegal acts are committed at home. The fact that our government doesn’t enforce immigration laws, spies on the congress, uses the CIA to disrupt foreign nations affairs, has done illegal operations such as arming terrorist in central America and Mexican drug cartels, doesn’t bode well for Americans.

But more importantly, the rise of most of these powerful extremist groups overseas is associated with one thing: poverty. They associate that with the influence of the west.

boko haramIn Nigeria Boko Haram rose because people were living on one dollar a day, the barest subsistence income. Recruiting the impoverished and the neglected — especially children the cling to their faith for intellectual guidance. Having rejected western teachings about how the world works, they have a crazy idea that the Koran teaches that the earth is not round and that the only book they can study is the Koran. Most Muslims across the world do not reject western thinking and western ideas, especially when it brings better medicine and a better standard of living, but Boko Haram uses it as the premise for their argument against the western-influenced Nigerian government.

So for centuries the groups who did not benefit from Western Imperialism and the “global economy” lived in impoverished and prosperous conditions. When their neighbors, tribes and foreigners where making big bucks by being aligned with the ruling european powers. Western thought talked of savages and bring civilization, improving the social, political and economic infrastructure of the nations they possessed. But Imperialism of the west sucked the resources out of the native lands and brought prosperity to Europe and America. Starving people do not look fondly on the fetted rich, but “everyone is enlightened” when they eat well, have clean cloths, have cars, have entertainment – just look as Maslow’s theories for confirmation.


In this world of great iniquities, the poor gather to the purveyors of “truth” who give them hope to throw of their oppressors. They don’t want this, but they have no hope. If they had food and clothing, they would chose a very different path, and one not filled with rhetorical nonsense. The wisdom of the west should bring about better conditions across the world. That’s a goal everyone should work for, but greedy, power-hungry men are bent on living lives of luxury. They aren’t interested in righting the social imbalances, bring a higher standard of living to all. Anyone from the west is seen as rich and become the targets of the militant poor.

Manufacturing.Job.Loss-2001-2009How long will it be until Americans are living in third-world subsistence living. It may take another hundred years or so as it is still a very effluent nation. But the corporations of capitalism who control the western governments disconnect themselves from any nation states government, to avoid being controlled and taxed.   The duck social responsibility, and have no concern if their decisions are detrimental to a county like America.  When corporate entities are not beholden to a nation, then they push to find the most favorable and least restrictive environment so maximize profit, the only God they know. As the jobs are stripped from the USA, over time the same economic conditions begin brewing. Throw in social racism against blacks, and you create a highly volatile mix of economics and social unrest. Everyone knows that manufacturing jobs that once were the heart of America industrial cities have gone to China and India, Bangladesh and Taiwan.

But as middle class and blue-collar decent jobs give way to poor paying retail and service sector jobs, the great American buying power will wilt. This in turn will further erode the strength of America.


Radical ideologies drive e members of ISIS and Boko Haram. The impoverished and oppressed look to overthrow their oppressors and to take control of the government. Eventaully the impoverished oppressed groups of the west will radicalize their beliefs like groups on the fringe of the American polital scene, namely, the KKK and the neo Nazis? Any group that has hatred as the core of its rhetoric will gather strength as the nation’s economic power wanes? Today we hear the beginnings of a possible volcano of trouble when it comes to immigration reform. As poor white Americans find their standard of living continuing to fall, they will turn their frustrations against the rising illegal Hispanic population. The immigration reform rhetoric is already filled with hate and abuse. Americans are currently concerned as their standard of living continues to shift downward.

People in the US already fill powerless against the policies of the federal government which fosters the growth of the global economy so that corporate America can gain. This policies are truly a madness. Americans without work and a decent standard of living will like the Boko Haram and ISIS members begin looking for militancy to address their grievances.  Jihad is inevitable.

To prevent social unrest, wealth has to be better distributed. But that isn’t happening. Actual what is happening is that rich Chinese folks are buying up stagnant industrial areas like Toledo and Detroit. The rich are selling off American assets. Striping them from American use. Not a pretty picture for the poor and middle class looking for work. Unless this bleeding of America stops, violence will ensue. Yet, the government’s response has been to militarize the local police forces.

Americans may not be able to stop the beheadings and the abductions internationally, but they better well work toward improving the American economy, and ensuring everyone gets jobs or radicalized Americans will rise to unleash a wave of crime the country has never seen before. This is most especially true for black men living in America cities like Detroit, St. Louis, Memphis, Little Rock and Kansas City. We need to revitalize these cities, and start capital new ventures. But as long as everyone else is making a killing using coolies in Chinese factories, the bleak future of America is the only picture I can paint. Maybe not tomorrow, but at least in one hundred years.

As the core of Americas cities continues to disintegrate the criminal element will recruit the disenfranchised just like Boko Haram. They will eventually take up arms against the police state. At first the clashes will be limited, but eventually David will take done Goliath, and once law enforcement is stopped, the madness will begin. The ideologies of the organized hate groups will be let loose on the streets. The strong will rise up and kill maim and destroy. That’s why the rule of law must be kept in place. You don’t want American Jihadists stepping forward, the neo Nazis and the motorcycle gangs, you don’t want the rule of order from the Mexican Mafia or the Aryan Brotherhood, the Crips and Bloods. Without law and order, you would see our own Boko Harams and ISIS of our own cultural making.

What Nigeria and Iraq need are western ideas of law and order. They need school and education, and logic and reason. They need to arrest those who commit genocide and murder, kidnapping and extortion.

But the US is not the only nation with similar trouble. Look at Europe, with their wholesale open doors to foreign immigration, especially from the Muslim world. Yikes! Euro Mad Max in the making. As long as the rich seek to suck money and profit out of the world, and as long as they control the political machinery of nations worldwide, the situation will get worse.  Remember it’s all about the money!


Islamic Culture: West not Capable of Understanding

palestinian youthWhy is a philosophical question? We ask why when we do not comprehend the rational for someone’s decision. We respond, “Why,” when we look at serial killers, meth abusers, and mentally ill schizophrenics talking to themselves on the streets on every major city in the United States.

 hamas rocketSo, when we in the western hemisphere think about warfare, we don’t think like our enemies from other cultures. We have been raised to make women and children our first priority in whatever we do. We want to keep them alive, and that’s why we provide them with the lifeboats first when our ship is sinking.

But the Islamic culture thinks entirely differently, and has an unfathomable logic. Win at all costs. Women and children be damned.

Reports have been circulated for a while about Hamas military operations using human shields.  People in the west wonder why? The reason is really simple.

“Hamas wants the Israeli Defense Force to kill their children, their women, that’s what they want to happen,” he said. “They want to get the propaganda; they want to get the publicity, the sympathy and the pity of the world to by getting the Israelis to kill their population. That’s war effects exactly what their tactic is.”  Watch this in action on youtube. Video Link

The weakness of Hamas also shows in their use of tunnels to send skirmishers inside Israeli territory. But many people do not know that in building these tunnels and the tunnels from Gaza to Egypt’s border. (At least these tunnels we understand – used to overcome economic oppression to allow free trade with a bordering Islamic country. We in the west ask ourselves Why does Hamas pick a fight they can’t win? They know they will never defeat Israel militarily, so why bother? Because Hamas knows what while they can’t win on the battlefield, they can win in the world court of public opinion.

“To date, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have found and destroyed more than 30 tunnels – each having cost upwards of $2 million a piece to build instead of supplying food and medicine to Palestinians in need.” We in the west wonder why not use that money to build facilities and provide food? But we weren’t raised with Hamas’ mentality.

hamas teaching children

Hamas also uses children to build these tunnels. Nicolas Palham documents the deaths of children in building tunnels: “At least 160 children have been killed in the tunnels, according to Hamas officials.” In the west we don’t allow child labor, and especially are concerned with activities that put children in harm’s way. People would get arrested for that. Islamic culture is different.

Here in the west we were raised with Christian morals and European law derived from Roman law and Greek philosophical reasoning. We are taught that man should better others. We are solely and woefully ignorant of the cultural training that folks in Palestine, including the Gaza Strip are raised with.

The type of rational we see portrayed by Hamas and other fundamentalist Islamic militia is like that of the Nazis in the holocaust. We watch in the movie the Pianist as the old and disabled are murdered by the SS soldiers. What is different about what Hamas is doing now?

 hamas using human shields


Gaza’s Tunnel Phenomenon: The Unintended Dynamics of Israel’s Siege

Nicolas Pelham

Journal of Palestine Studies Vol. 41, No. 4 (Summer 2012), pp. 6-31 Published by: University of California Press Article Stable URL:

Downloadable for 22$

Effects of War on Children:

It has been said the Hamas has used children and other civilians as human shields. According to researchers, war’s death toll now includes a 90 percent civilian component.

Children as shields: Warfare Strategy

Understanding Islam and Jihad: Islam Spread by the Sword?

Syrian Christians face new treat – “convert, submit to Islam or face sword”


Dehumanizing Children

Families shouldn’t allow abuse but they do.

Adults are jaded and sometime miserable people unless they feel they are part of some purpose and effort to improve the world or their fellow man.  Individuals with gross  self focus, hedonism, and shameful selfishness, are either grumpy, gross, dangerous or wicked, walking in a shadow of deceit and will disregard of others.

That’s why kids are so precious: why  grand kids are heart healthy to those drowning in the crass world of adulthood.

That’s why we need to protect kids from adults, to stop them from harming the kids, sullying their innocence.  Vilest are the sexual predators, but their wickedness is no more horrific than those neglecting and psychologically abusing kids.  Adults telling kids they won’t succeed, that kids are dumb and worthless, they too take the beauty from many lovely souls.  Alcoholism is a well-known problem for kids.  Second hand smoke is one that you wouldn’t think of quickly.

The aftereffects of long-term societal abuse of children occurs when kids are brainwashed to believe lies for truth.  I won’t go into details, but any teaching that undermines the value of each human life that is taught systematically is worse than individual sins.   When kids a blowing themselves up, getting involved in drug culture, learning that one group of people are inferior than others, you have systematic societal teaching dehumanizing kids.

Kids taught to devalue human life, kill.


Bad attitudes at Christmas suck

The world is filled with people giving attitude to others.  Sometimes attitudes are funny, and other times, you know, those attitudes suck, and make everyone’s life hellish.  Remember to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, so drop the attitudes this season.

Especially frustrating are occurrences that bring about multiple people with bad attitudes.  Take sports.  A losing team’s fans , not that is bad attitude.  The players all want to win, but the mom, they want blood.  Thank God for the Police.  At times, people get hurt or even worse, killed. 

Another bad attitude issue comes up when you consider congested freeways, especially when you have an appointment that you aren’t going to make.  Just leave an hour earlier than normal.  Listen to some good music, and no drinking while driving, or you might be a widow maker. Eggnog is approved, without the rum.

Los Angeles where I work is a town of bad attitudes.  You have a high rent district (LA and Orange counties) milked by the absentee landlords (or slumlords).  The seething masses gnash their teeth at one another.  They riot and burn down their neighbors places and businesses, but the culprits, may not be anywhere near the rentals they are making money from — with rents raised nearly every year, dispite the fact that those poor folks don’t get a break and have poor paying jobs. 

Islamic Santa

The rich are richer, and the bitch gets bitchier.  The world is wicked and LA knows it.

But back to those attitudes.  People carry them around with them like small explosive charges ready to be unleashed on the unwitting and underserving world.  The frustrations at work and home, are carried like strapped on bombs on these people, who just wish to find a place where they can cause the most mayhem.  Reminds me of the Palestinian with some c-4 and some nails, waiting to get the right moment to blow up some strangers in a crowded marker.  That’s a little over the top, but serves to illustrate this point. 

santas suicide elves

Be aware that in these days coming up — near Christmas, that more people then normal are under strain, and may be harboring a lot of aggression toward their fellow man.  They are going to go off, so hit the deck with your boughs of holly. La, la, la, la, la ….

So instead of hitting back, kick back.   Happy Holidays!

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